The Ides of March

By the time you read this, the drums of war will be beating and our Armed Forces will have launched our attack to eliminate a dictator, an exploiter of his people, and a threat to world peace. We have engaged in our American tradition of public debates and demonstrations, and listened to the words of TV pundits.

Now, our country’s hopes and fears are with our soldiers, Marines, and air men and women in their dangerous quest. May they be forthright and successful in their actions to quickly resolve this conflict for a safer world.

So give your prayers for the safekeeping and success of the men and women in our Armed Forces. Also, give solace to their families during their absence.

Most important, support them in their actions for America and our freedoms. And, when they return, resolve to honor them for their role in the tradition of the American Citizen Soldier. They deserve our respect for what they are doing in democracy’s name. God bless America and our Armed Forces!

Birthday Celebration

Tuesday, Apr. 8, is the 34th birthday of the Scripps Ranch Civic Association. Come to the annual meeting at the library and learn about the activities and events that have been organized in the past year.

You can question the committee chairs and make suggestions for actions that could be considered to improve our quality of life. We start at 7 pm with the birthday cake. We will elect the even-numbered district representatives for their two-year terms, as well as view reports from all standing committees and activities. You may also find an area of interest in which you want to take an active role. Try it; you’ll like it.

Sign For New Water Facility

I am happy to report that Larry Gardner, director of the City Water Department, has agreed to remove the large offending letters from the nice new wall opposite our Scripps Ranch Library. If you have any ideas on how the entrance could be identified using the letters, contact me or Mike Baksh–part of the Community Forum for the project–and we will present it for consideration.

In this same area I am sure you have seen how many wild fowl we have in Evans Pond since we added the water. Larry helped in that, as did the Scripps Ranch Recreation Council. Working together, we get things done.

Vandals Strike Again

We need your help to identify the individuals who have gone back into the Giant Grove open space and cut down with hand axes first 11 trees, and then nine more. This destruction in our open space is awful and, unfortunately, has been accompanied by obscene graffiti.

Someone even drove a vehicle into the entrance ditch and into the grove, and then installed a permanent structure in concrete that had to be removed. All of this requires your Landscape Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) crews to devote time and your money to correct these senseless acts of destruction.

These have all been reported to the police, and we are indebted to several residents for alerting us to the damage. Now we need to catch the individuals. With your help, we will.

Scripps Ranch at Its Best

Regarding the vandalism at the Giant Grove area, I went out with my paint buckets, rollers, and brushes to remove the graffiti after photographing it for the police. A resident and his son met me and asked if could they help.

They carried the large paint bucket and rollers to the site for me, as I am finding that difficult to do in rough terrain. I was delighted when his son, Billy, asked if he could help. Of course, I had a small roller for him to use, like Tom Sawyer. With me supervising, he obscured the offending marks without getting me in trouble with his mother for any paint spatters on his clothes.

It is actions like this that make me so proud of Scripps Ranch. With my increasing infirmities, I need an able-bodied person to take over the graffiti busting chores and keep our community clean of their offensive markings. Is this your thing? Call me. It is a most satisfying volunteer occupation, and normally we do not let the vandals work stay long.

Community Fair–May 18

Bev Cassity, chair of the Community Fair Committee, announced the date for the Community Fair is Sunday, May 18, in the Community Park on Blue Cypress Drive. Mark this date for another fun-filled day. Bev plans additional booths and food, so put this on your "must do" list. A fine time will be had by all. If you want to be part of the action, email Bev at [[email protected]] and she will put you to work in a wonderful activity.

City Budget Actions

We thank Councilmember Brian Maienschein for his reports on the potential changes in city services due to the budget crunch. However, these are still being defined. Tammy Rimes, Community Service Center program director, presented the situation for the retention of our Information Center. There are now 15 Community Service Centers. The recommendation was to retain one center per council district–eight.

In District 5 we have two–in Scripps Ranch and Rancho Bernardo. Both of our District 5 centers are in city-owned buildings and, therefore, already have a built in "no rent savings" for the city. Both are located as nearly central as possible to the surrounding neighborhoods.

Needless to say, we consider our Information Center an excellent service, as well as meeting place, and the SRCA has invested heavily in time and funds to make it truly functional. It also serves as the office for the Park and Recreation Department. We will keep you posted.

Street and Sidewalk Repairs

We returned our Geographic Information System (GIS) map indicating possible city-directed street and sidewalk repairs to our council office representative, Clint Carney, at the SRCA meeting. We asked that once the budget crunch is ironed out that they advise what, if any, action is scheduled by the city to complete the repairs needed.

It is recognized that infrastructure repairs are a need everywhere in the city and that they seem to be the first deleted or deferred in budget changes. Many of our streets, however, are badly deteriorating and if not repaired the cost tends to escalate for repairs later.

SRHS Visited by the WASC

Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS) welcomed seven school principals who were to evaluate and verify the self-study findings of SRHS faculty and staff. This is part of the Western Association Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation process and fulfills the requirement for a strong community support program that has been our hallmark.

Thanks for all the support provided by parents and students, all making a fine impression on the committee. Of course, when asked what was the most important thing needed to improve and expand our efforts, the reply was more money for actions and activities.

All recognized the critical state of funding in the state. In our district that will limit actions that are needed and, of course, will require greater efforts in support and cooperation from parents. It is worth it for the results obtained. Special thanks for all your efforts in the SRHS Foundation, sports clubs, teams, and other groups.

Sign Policy

The sign policy in last month’s Newsletter was to inform all residents who wanted to advertise a community activity or event in the form of banners and signs. The policy allows organizations to display a banner conforming to the criteria for short periods of time.

Unfortunately, some organizations consistently violate our agreement. They are informed of the accommodations we must adhere to or lose the privilege. We do not want their actions to jeopardize a good thing for all of us. If in doubt, read the instructions or call me at 566-6083.

Commercial banners and signs are limited as to where they can be displayed. So, if you run a business in Scripps Ranch, be advised that commercial advertising is specifically covered in city ordinances for any displays in the "public right of way."

For example, you cannot display or post signs on traffic signposts. If you are a business owner and want to advertise, you can call 619-236-5500 and get the city rulings. City crews can and will remove signs that are in violation.

We ask the owner to remove the sign or we will remove it and advise them where it can be picked up. Please do not remove signs on your own. Call the city or me and we will try to correct the situation, as some of the banners and signs represent a considerable personal investment. If in doubt, call the city before purchasing and posting signs or banners.

March SRCA Meeting

An informative and productive SRCA meeting was held in March at the Scripps Ranch Library. The agenda now includes reports from both planning groups, the Rec Council, and the standing committees, as well as activities and special committees. A representative from the Centre City Development Corporation (CCDC) presented their summary of ongoing actions to revitalize downtown, and it is an impressive collection of construction items. A copy is in the library.

Clint Carney from the council office reported that no action has yet occurred in the planned Ranchwide survey to determine the feasibility of locating a YMCA on the 4-acre parcel, just west of the new Vons. He also reiterated the agreement to remove the large shiny letters from the wall across from the library. An SRCA letter will be sent agreeing to participate in its early removal and possible relocation to another site.

The proposed SRCA budget for the coming year was adopted. This calls for the support of community activities from all membership monies received.

The membership drive is proceeding well, but if you have not joined, you still can. All members receive a decal and the much sought after SRCA Trails Map.

The proposed Dog Park on Lot #5 of the Business Park has been referred to the City Park and Recreation Department for action. The Traffic Committee, headed by Larry Nuffer and Awilda Parada, are using the SRCA traffic counters now, with the assistance of Luis Biaggi, for traffic verification on Pomerado Road.

The new Finance Review Committee continues its work to identify all potential and real funds that are labeled "community funds." The committee is looking into their status, what rules govern the funds use, and other issues. It will put together all the information on these funds, how to access them through the City Council, and, most important, enable us to make recommendations as to their use. See the article on page 15.

The proposed letter to the Board of Education (BOE), coordinated with all city-recognized groups, to recommend retention of the Fairbrook parcel until the new middle school is built was presented by Peter Wulff and unanimously approved. The letter will be signed and hand delivered to BOE President Ron Ottinger and board members.

Volunteers Needed For Community Activities

We still need volunteers to take over many of the community activities and functions. Please see the listing in the Directory section of the Newsletter, select your area of interest, and become part of the solution, not part of the problem. Your work as a volunteer will be rewarding, and the community benefits from all the hard-working and dedicated volunteers who serve Scripps Ranch.

Rain Forecast

We have cleaned out open space brow ditches and removed dangerous trees, but the forecast of large amounts of rain and some wind are always of concern. If you experience damage to your property from open space trees, please call me so we can react. We have been lucky so far and hope to continue that way. As you all know, luck is enhanced by prior planning and corrective efforts–which we do.



A Fun Children’s Activity

You have a wonderful opportunity to come to the Scripps Ranch Library Center with some cracked corn or other feed and feed the large number of water fowl now at Evans Pond. It is a true delight to see all the people and children doing this–of course, the ducks love it. We have two Boy Scout Eagle projects in the planning process to further enhance this beautiful community asset.




????The Community Fair will be on Sunday, May 18, at 10 am in the Community Park on Blue Cypress Drive. It should be a real treat for all the family. The glorious 4th of July celebration is on Friday this year and leads into a full weekend of activities. In both instances the chairs, Bev Cassity and Jany Staley respectively, are working to make it the best ever, with lots of "eats" for all.