Happy 30th Birthday SRCA

       The SRCA celebrated its 30th birthday of serving as the voice and
coordinator of activity for Scripps Ranch in a well attended annual
meeting on April 11 with more than 120 residents in attendance.
We enjoyed the traditional birthday cake and fellowship. Then Lynn
Parke, Chair of the Scripps Ranch Schools Committee, started the meeting
with a brief history of the ongoing school actions. The Schools
Committee presentation was shifted to this venue to enable residents to
receive answers as soon as possible to the many questions that have been
raised recently.

        Jan Hintzman as well as other school district officials were there to
answer questions. To ensure that the questions were understood and to
use these questions to prepare followup information, residents were
requested to list all their questions on a separate sheet of paper.
These questions will be used to prepare informational articles in the
Newsletter, such as the one this month on page 49.

       After a few minutes, it became readily apparent that many of the answers
to questions were available in the fine handouts, matrices, and
summaries that Lynne Parke, Jan Hintzman, Linda Sloan, and Wes Danskin
had prepared, including those published in the last Newsletter. Extra
copies were reproduced and are available for those who were not able to
attend this or the several other meetings on schools. A notebook of this
information is available in the library for all who are interested in
gaining greater knowledge.

       Lynn asked for those interested in three different subcommittees (design
of SRHS buildout, design of EBS modular school, and design of
boundaries) to sign up, and we were delighted that more than 23 people
signed up for participation, a sign that the Scripps Ranch dedication to
seek the best solution for the children is alive and well.

       The remainder of the meeting was devoted to a review of the annual
reports from the standing committees and to a discussion and approval of
ongoing and planned actions. These include:

a. Annual spring cleanup day will be held on Saturday, April 22.
Anything not sold in the Ranch-wide garage sale on April 15, can be
donated to Goodwill at the cleanup.

b. Report from the 4th of July committee by Chair Jany Staley. The theme
has been selected (30 Years of Comics on the Ranch) and the form for
parade entries will be in the Newsletter (page 6). A budget of $4,000
was approved. A grand community celebration is planned.

c. Chair Tony Krvaric presented his preliminary plans for the Candidates
Forum to be held on October l0. We will invite the final candidates for
election to our Congressional District, Council Office, Mayor, Community
College Board, State Assembly, and State Senate. All are reminded that
the influence of a community is clearly reflected in the turnout for
voting for the best candidate. The candidates will be invited to send
short articles for inclusion in the Newsletter so that residents will be
better informed as to the candidates’ views on different issues.

d. President Wes Danskin reviewed the new policy on advertising in the
Newsletter as a followup to his report at the last meeting. One
additional modification was made: to increase the price of a double-page
ad to $800 from $640 to make it comparable to other premium ad spaces.

e. Jan Loftus presented a proposal from the Scripps Ranch Landscape
Maintenance District to replace the equipment in the Semillon and
Forestview tot lots. These areas are part of the open space that have
enhanced facilities. After discussion, these plans were forwarded to the
Park and Rec Department for plan check and approval. The proposed
changes are in response to a survey of parents asking for modifications
and improvements to these tot lots.

f. The amount of $l,500 was approved for donation to the Mira Mesa
Fireworks fund as our community’s contribution as in prior years. Mira
Mesa arranges for a 4th of July fireworks show at Mira Mesa High School
and residents can attend or view the show from the dam at Miramar Lake.

g. The proposed trip of the Scripps Ranch High School band to China has
been postponed for a year because of the inability to collect the
necessary funds. The SRCA donation will remain in the account as seed
money for their continued planning.

h. Gordon Boerner presented an update of the District Directors roster,
which is included each month in the directory pages of the Newsletter.

i. Bob Dingeman announced that a replacement for the administrative
services performed by Deana Fulbright is still needed. A detailed job
description is being prepared. Anyone interested with secretarial skills
should apply to the SRCA for consideration.

j. Seven candidates have submitted an application for the SRCA Bob
Dingeman Scholarship for Community Service. A special committee will
review the applications and select the winner(s) for presentation at the
awards night celebration for Scripps Ranch High School.

k. The first Community Fair will be held on Sunday, May 7, at the
Community Park. This will feature The Heroes rock-n-roll musical group
and a celebration cake for the 30th birthday of the SRCA. After brief
discussion, a budget of $4,000 was approved for the event. A committee
including residents in Miramar Ranch North has been formed to coordinate
this gala event. We hope that it will become another fine Scripps Ranch

l. The proposed slate of officers for the coming two years was presented
by the nominating committee. Wes Danskin announced that because of work
and family commitments he would need to step down as President. Marc
Sorensen, past president of SRCA, offered to serve as an interim
President until a replacement can be identified. With this modification,
the slate of officers was elected unanimously. The new roster of
officers and District Representatives is listed on page 85. Two
districts (Wine Country and Marketplace) do not have representatives, so
if you are interested, please step up and volunteer by calling Executive
Vice President Gordon Boerner at 689-2411.


Thanks a Heap to Wes Danskin!

       I am sure I express the thanks and appreciation of all residents for the
devoted service Wes has given to the SRCA as President of the SRCA. His
exemplary service has been marked by progress, improvements in community
facilities, greatly improved and larger SRCA Newsletter, with now more
than l0,500 copies printed.

       Wes leaves the SRCA a stronger and better organization to serve Scripps
Ranch. He will remain active as a past President of SRCA along with Rita
his wife who continues as Editor of our award-winning Newsletter. In
1994, Rita and Wes were Scripps Ranch Citizens of the Year and since
then have continued their services to the community. When you see Wes be
sure and thank him and also Rita. They have earned our collective thanks
and praise.

Progress at Last on Repairing and Repaving our Streets

       I hope you noticed that we finally have crews in our area repairing and,
in some cases, repaving our streets. The badly eroded section of Scripps
Lake Drive was finally redone and is much improved. The man-hole covers
are at the same grade now as the rest of the roadbed.

       The work is proceeding slowly at the City’s pace, but our previous input
did help place our streets on the City final list. So all I can say is,
“Be patient.” We will continue to push as we have for seven years to get
the repairs done. Unfortunately, we still have some snafus as when a
street with a reported water leak was repaved. The day it was paved the
City crews came out tore up the fresh asphalt and repaired the leak; so
we lost a good paving job.

       We protested and hope this will not happen again as it is a waste of our
taxpayer money. Thanks to the residents who called the City about this.
It always helps as your involvement is our community’s hallmark. The
repaving, repairing, and slurry coating will continue.

Securing a Suitable Brush Rig for Engine Company # 37

       I am most happy to report that the brush rig that we asked to be
purchased for Scripps Ranch has been approved by the City. It is
essentially the same as the brush rig used by MCAS Miramar, and we feel
it will service our community much better than the “urban” rig
originally chosen to complement our new fire station.

       Scripps Ranch, being surrounded by open space, has critical fire dangers
that this rig will help reduce. The rig should be delivered in time for
the worst of the fire season. Again the best defense against fires in
the open space is to remove the fuel and be vigilant in preventing fires
before they start.

Fire Station on Track

       Our new fire station on Spring Canyon Road is going up rapidly and the
opening date in December still looks like it will be met. If you are
interested in what it will look like, I have the architect’s sketch for
your examination; just call me.

Scripps Ranch License Plates

       I receive many phone calls about the Scripps Ranch license plate holder,
in particular from new residents. You may call the Cub Scout volunteer
Kathy Sayer at 549- 8292 to purchase these.

Landscape Maintenance District Committee

       The Scripps Ranch Landscape Maintenance District Committee runs what is
called the finest LMD in the City. We are interested in securing new
volunteers to step in and help run the committee and all its projects.
We serve as advisory to the Park and Rec Department for the expenditure
of your property tax assessments. You can and will make a difference in
our community.

Evans Pond

       Thanks to the many residents who have called and offered archival
information in our efforts to preserve the Meanley Family Ranch House
Wall and to preserve our trees around Evans Pond. We have launched a
coordinated program to enhance any development adjacent to the pond by
the retention and use of the beauty of the pond, not by its destruction
or limitation.

End of the School Year

       Just a reminder that school will soon close, and summer vacation means
our children will be on the streets and playgrounds. Be alert as they
may be enjoying their new found freedom and they may not be as alert as
they should. Give the kids a watchful eye and safe speed on all our

Spring Clean Up Day

       For all who helped in our spring clean up day: thanks! Your efforts and
those of your neighbors make Scripps Ranch as clean and neat as
possible. If you now see any trash or litter, feel free to pick it up.
Our thanks to the committee and to Timi Gleason for their fine work on
our behalf, as well as to the crews who went around collecting items. It
is working together which makes the job go so well.

       Your SRCA pays for the dumpsters, which is one more way your membership
dues help the community as a whole. We thank BCL again for use of their
streets for the period of the clean up, the Park and Rec Department for
the chipper, the Goodwill for collecting unwanted and reusable items,
and of course our SRLMD crew supervised by Gabriel for giving a helping

Bob Dingeman