Happy Easter

I hope the Easter season brought joy, happiness, and solace to you all. The Easter egg hunt put on by McMillin Realty was a smashing success. At least 150 parents and delighted children gathered at Cypress Canyon Park for the traditional egg hunt.

All the children quickly filled their baskets from the plentiful supply of highly colored eggs. I can remember when an Easter egg hunt included hard boiled eggs. What great fun seeing if in the egg roll your egg would crack the other. Now it is small candies inside plastic eggs. Seems to fill the bill for the very young and of course broken eggs had to be instantly eaten and these can be saved. We thank McMillin Realty and their Associates for continuing this tradition which had been held at Hoyt Park for 20 years. All of our churches held the traditional Easter Sunrise and other services for Easter and Passover.

Annual Meeting

The 31st annual birthday meeting of the SRCA was held on April 10 with the traditional birthday cake. This is the time when the past year is reviewed as well as the ongoing actions of the Council office and the School District on site selection for the new middle school. The handout for the meeting called by Councilmember Brian Maienschein on April 4 (refer to pages 5-7) was distributed to all attendees and to the District Directors. Copies are available in the Library for your examination as well. Additional input was secured from all District Representatives for inclusion in the yearly budget as well as reports of needs and concerns for each SRCA district.

The election of odd-numbered District Representatives was held and District 19 had two candidates. Peter Wulff, a resident concerned with school issues, was elected. Steve Hudson, his opponent and incumbent District Representative, was appointed chair of the Traffic Committee by President Marc Sorensen. So both residents will have important roles, and the SRCA and community will benefit.

The following standing committees also reported on their ongoing projects: 4th of July Parade committee announced the theme of Home, Home On The Ranch a catchy theme which will allow all residents to really make good neighborhood floats. The SRCA also will sponsor the ice cream social and provide music with a DJ for your musical enjoyment after the parade. The committee is always looking for volunteers so contact Jany Staley at 695-3211.

The Community Fair is all set to go on Sunday, May 6, starting at noon in the Community Park. A fantastic time was had by all attendees last year and this promises to be even better. Copies of the annual summary of activities will be provided in the Library and summarize the involvement in and activities carried on by your SRCA.

Reports also were rendered on the work being done in the Information Center and the establishment of a fixed meeting day each month for the committee to meet and work on solutions to problems on a cooperative basis with all communities represented. Bob Cavanagh heads up the Committee with assistance from Gloria Tran and Victoria Mazelli.

4th of July Parade

In l976 when I first moved to Scripps Ranch, I was asked by Pete Garfish our insurance agent to help with the 4th of July Parade and Picnic. As it was celebrating the l776 date, it was a very special event and I was hooked. We had a catered buffalo barbecue for the event and served all the beer you could drink for $1–those were the days when this could be done.

Now, 23 years later I still feel it is the best expression of community spirit in San Diego and urge all to participate. See Dick Kelly’s application form in this Newsletter, for submitting a neighborhood parade entry. It is great fun for all and sets the stage for later participation of our young people in the greatest experiment of self government in the world–The United States.

EB Scripps Elementary School Now Under Construction

A welcome site is to see all the activity on the new school site. This modular school is slated to open Sept. 1 so it is good to see all the progress being made. There has been a registration already, and there will be several other opportunities for parents to register their children at the Information Center on Wednesday, May 30, from 11 am until 12:30 pm. Principal Rich Cansdale will be there to answer questions as well as members of the Family/Faculty Organization which already is formed and functioning.

It is a delight to see the enthusiasm and concern being expressed by parents and faculty to make this new school truly a signature school from the word go. We expect it to join the pantheon of excellent achieving schools of Scripps Ranch. We are still working out some of the traffic mitigation and safety measures which have been derived over the past year. Once we have these arrangements completed they will be published several times so that residents in the area are not surprised by the changes in some of their driving patterns and routes.

Redistricting is Upon Us Again

After each ten-year census, an effort is organized to examine the populations in the various a areas and then to equalize or modify the voting districts hopefully to ensure all are given an equal voice in their government and in electing their own officials.

Unfortunately politics rears its ugly head, and we see many attempts to shape the districts to the benefit of one party or the other. In the past it has gotten so bad that in the lexicon of the political scientist the word gerrymandering is applied to the convoluted arrangement of boundaries to help one party or the other. The council has appointed a panel of commissioners to come up with recommended changes to the existing City Council districts.

For example District Five because of population shifts now has more population than other Districts. This means that some areas could be shifted to another District. We as a community went through this ten years ago when our serving Councilwoman and several others came up with a deal which split our community at Pomerado Road. This of course was vigorously opposed. It also resulted in the recall for the first time of a Councilperson.

We need to clearly state our community views and our desire to remain one community within District 5. The Commission will be here on the Ranch and will meet in the Library community room on Friday, May 10. Plan to come and make sure your voice is heard. We already have experienced back-room deals so we are alert. I will get copies of the Newsletter from ten years ago and place in the Library for your examination as to what transpired then and what we as a community did.

Cleanup Day

Despite the rain the turn out for our annual spring Cleanup Day went well. The SRCA provided the three dumpsters which were filled and Goodwill collected two trucks of the discards not sold the week end before at the garage sale. We thank John La Bar, chair of the event, the Kiwanis Club, our LMD Crew, and of course all of you who picked up, cut up, and gathered up all the trash and debris we need to make our community sparkle.

Entrance Wall Resealed by Boy Scouts

I hope you all noticed the change in appearance of the adobe walls at the entrance to the Ranch on Pomerado Road and Scripps Ranch Blvd. The walls were cleaned and resealed by the Boy Scouts as an Eagle Scout project. This sealing should help preserve these adobe walls which are our direct link with the old E.W. Scripps ranch house which was torn down and the adobe bricks used for the two walls on Pomerado Road. The weather tends to erode and wash away adobe bricks and this should materially slow the process. Bob Ilko was able to get us a contractors cost for the “Secrete.” Thanks Bob. Thanks also to the Boy Scouts who made it possible.

Scripps Ranch Resident Elected to RSVP Board of Directors

Kent Calvert, District Director and founding member of the RSVP has resigned from the Patrol to become a member of the Board of Directors. He replaces Ralph McCort a founding board member who moved to Michigan. We welcome Kent to the board and the experience and dedication to the Ranch which he brings. The RSVP is continuing to perform a wonderful supporting job for the San Diego Police Department by providing service to Scripps Ranch and Mira Mesa.

The RSVP is always interested in securing volunteers over 55 years of age who can drive a car and become a patrol member. If you are interested, give me a call at 566-6083 and we will get an application to you.

Bad Sidewalks

Thanks to several phone calls from residents, we have identified at least six sidewalks which have buckled and should be repaired by the City. In each case residents have given me the location and I have gone to the site and taken a Polaroid shot so the City can see the extent of the problem. The City is always concerned about buckled sidewalks as any fall over same can result in what they call “deep pockets” lawsuits. If you see such a sidewalk in your vicinity, drop me a line and of course your photo of same helps me quickly prepare the letter to the City.

Persistence and Knowledge Pays Off– Getting the Right Brush Rig

Two years ago when the devastating wild fires hit many areas of the City, Captain Geiske of Engine Company 37 came to us with a recommendation to purchase a proven all terrain fire and brush rig for our area.

We are very concerned with our many trees and shake shingle roofs that we have the best fire protection we can get. We initiated a formal request for the purchase of the particular rig only to find that the Fire Department elected to purchase a more, expensive, but less effective model. In the interim MCAS Miramar, which ironically had just purchased the type of brush rig we desired, provided us coverage.

I am happy to say that I heard a siren outside my door and when I went out, lo and behold, there was a really happy Captain Geiske and the proud crew of Engine Company 37 with new assigned brush rig just as we requested initially. What a beauty and what capability it has with all its on-board treated water, 4-wheel drive, high clearance, powerful engine, and effective hose/foam system.

The community and of course the city now has a fully operational and effective brush rig for the entire area to use. The crew of 37 showed it off at the schools meeting on April 4 at the Library and of course will have it for our 4th of July Parade.

Modification of Homes

I function as the City Code Compliance Officer as well as wear the Covenants Codes and Restriction (CC&R) hat. You can contact me for information on new as well as older home alterations. In brief, you should comply with city designated rules for adding to or modifying your home and get city approval for same; consult with your immediate neighbors if their view will be impacted; get a professional to draw up plans for submission to the city for approval and code compliance; ask me to come around and review your plans and give you a sign-off; select a reputable contractor with a completion clause so you are not left with an unfinished structure. This a key factor! Also, the Better Business Bureau should be contacted for your contractor of record.