Hurrah, Carroll Canyon Bridge is Open

I expected fireworks, a band playing, and the like commemorating the glad event but nothing occurred but the happy event itself–the opening. As I drove to Mira Mesa on Carroll Canyon Road, I found the bridge open at last and fully functional. Wow! We finally have a key entrance and exit point for the Ranch completed.

In the event of a major fire we were severely restricted as to available evacuation routes and capacity and this is most welcome. It is a nice large bridge now, and they repaved all the torn up roadways leading to the bridge, so it is a fine addition to our Ranch. The hard work of Bob Ilko and Gordon Boerner, working with Caltrans, paid off. Our thanks to them and to all of you for being so patient waiting for this to be done.

Pothole Repairs

We thank Councilmember Carl DeMaio for the organizational effort for our Road Rally to fix potholes in late April. It highlighted the continuing problem of deteriorating city roads and that something can and should be done about them despite budget problems or the problem gets worse. There is an old saying, “If you ignore your present and known problems that they over time will overwhelm your financial ability to address them at all as the cost will skyrocket.” Scripps Ranch at work as usual.

Deputy Mayor Visits the Ranch

We had the deputy mayor, Councilmember Tony Young, as our guest in late March in a community meeting in the Scripps Ranch Library. He was asked to discuss the school system and education in San Diego. Tony is a former school teacher who related his experiences as a teacher in what he called “challenging” environment schools. He was very candid as to the status of our schools and the problems faced with the budget and teacher layoffs.

Of particular interest, however, to those in attendance was the fact that traditionally no member of the City Council has shown a public interest in our school district. Also discussed were problems faced with declining enrollment, high budget shortfalls, and lack of progress of many of our students and lack of achievement in test scores.

The Scripps Ranch community repeatedly suggested that a council member be designated as a liaison with the school board so there is a free exchange of ideas and action. Tony made the point that there were smart kids everywhere who need to be identified, assisted, and supported within the system and are not now. This calls for a change in culture, attitude, and priority at City Hall. He recommended that all mayoral candidates be asked for a commitment in this area.

He also acknowledged the problem of no teacher being fired for lack of teaching skills and performance and seniority prevailing when termination slips were issued. Thanks, Tony, for taking the time to discuss the important task of improving and challenging the youth of San Diego in our schools and having the City Council become more directly involved in a contributing way in our schools.

School Board Member at Schools Committee Meeting

We rearranged a special Scripps Ranch Schools Committee (SRSC) meeting in late March so our newly elected trustee, Kevin Beiser, could join us and discuss the status of school board actions affecting us. Our normal Schools Committee meetings are at the same time as scheduled school board meetings, precluding his attendance when possible at our meetings. The committee felt at this time of major problems besetting our schools that establishing a better flow of information between us and our trustee was desired. Not for him to attend all our meetings as that might inhibit dialogue but to solicit our assistance and advice as needed for his support before the board.

The discussions were far ranging and included retaining and rewarding excellent teachers. Also, it’s important to improve overall achievement and graduation records of the district. It was an excellent exchange of ideas.

There was agreement that what is still needed is to restore confidence of parents and teachers in the decisions and actions of the school board. Also in these times of shortages of funds, the board must focus funding and effort on essentials.

Fast Police Work

A neighbor reported hearing someone starting up her truck in the driveway at midnight on a Sunday. She immediately called 911 and reported the action taking place right then. The police reacted quickly and professionally and were able to recover the truck and apprehend the two individuals involved within 15 minutes. Boy, do we like that kind of police service. Congratulations and thanks, San Diego police Northeastern Division.

Thanks to Dingeman School Parents, Teachers, Students

Certainly one of the greatest joys in my long life has been to have a school named after me while I am still alive. My family and I are able to bask in the euphoria of such a grand gesture from Scripps Ranch residents. That this has been extended to an annual Bob Dingeman Day and followed by a successful fundraising carnival is even better. To all of those who worked so hard to make these events so grand–my family and I send heartfelt gratitude and thanks.

Our Community Thanks

We as a community want to give our highest praise and thanks to the wonderful sponsors of our communitywide Garage Sale and Clean-Up Day: Coldwell Banker Residential and the Scripps-Mira Mesa Kiwanis Club. Your hard work and assistance of residents make these two events a real success and a hallmark of our community. We take pride in our appearance and “green” attitude of recycling and care of our nature.

Bob Dingeman