Remembering Veterans

    At this Memorial Day 2000, I am reminded of a saying from George Washington that deserves to be repeated, as it is certainly appropriate: “The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by our nation.”

    I hope in your families that you all paused a moment and thanked the veterans who gave their lives so we can enjoy the benefits of liberty. We still need young men and women who are willing to train for war so that war will not be visited again upon us. With the requirements for many deployments, Bosnias, Macedonia, etc., there is a continuing pressure on the men and women in our armed forces and also on their families. They earn and deserve our country’s support.


    Gaye and I are traveling back to the United States military academy at West Point for the 55th reunion of my graduation and beginning of my lifetime of service. It is a trip filled with nostalgia as we remember those who have given their lives in service and in wars, but also we are filled with a sense of pride in accomplishments. As they say, “Old soldiers do not die; they just fade away.” Happy to say that with the help of fine surgeons this old soldier is fading slowly and still is doing things and enjoying it.

Community Fair

    Our community park was the venue for our first ever Scripps Ranch Community Fair on Sunday, May 7, with over 700 residents attending. Chair Wendy Littooy organized and presented a fine program of entertainment with The Heroes as well as games for the children and of course birthday cake for the 30th birthday of the Scripps Ranch Civic Association.

    The Welcome Club, the Women’s Athletic Club, Miramar College, and other organizations joined the SRCA in presenting displays. We had two Astro Jumps for the kids, and of course our local fire engine and ambulance for all the children to climb over and ask questions.

    Many residents did not know the location of the community park so we made a good first impression with this event, and we expect this to become another fine Scripps Ranch tradition. Our thanks to David Berry, Pam Mantibule, and others for their fine work in preparing the event. Also thanks to McMillin for the soft drinks and support.

    All in all, a fine family time was had by all. The acoustics for The Heroes were fine, and with lots of play area for the children, frisbees and kites flew everywhere. Look for it next year; we expect it to be bigger and better. This was the first time we have been able to organize a community-wide family time for the entire Ranch, and we thank Wes Danskin for his vision and push to get this started for us.

Landscape Maintenance District Actions

    We regret that we have lost our good friend Kevin Haupt who has been transferred to another City department, but we welcome a new team on board in Terry Williams and look forward to accomplishing what we need for the Ranch. We are embarking on an upgrading of the tot lot equipment and of course will start our annual clean out of brow ditches and other potential fire fuel sources. We are seeking some residents who are interested in the appearance of the Ranch to help our committee. Feel free to call me at 566-6083 and join us.

    The following is the schedule for closing the grass playing fields. This annual event is a requirement for maintenance and to ensure that we can use the playing fields for the entire year. When you see the “Fields Closed” signs, please respect them and all of us will benefit.

  • SRHS soccer field, June 6-26.
  • Cypress Canyon Park field: June l2-July 6.
  • SRHS softball field, July l0-July 28.
  • Jerabek Park field, July l7-Aug. 11.
  • Jerabek Elementary School field July 3l-Aug. 25.

Lerp Infestation

    We have not heard back from the State Agricultural Commission on our suggestion that Scripps Ranch be a controlled experiment with the small wasp to control the Lerp infestation. We are still being advised not to cut down the trees. You will notice some trees are leafing back from the rain, but not completely; so we still have the problem. We will need a good freeze to stop the parasite.

Dogs and Do Do

    We are still experiencing unthinking residents who exercise their dogs in the open space and in the parks. First of all, this is not a legal activity and unfortunately many times the dogs Do Do, and this is not picked up, making a mess for children who use the area. If you exercise your dog in the park, it must remain on a leash and if it does its thing, pick up after your dog. All will be happy. Thanks

Clean Up Day Changes Hands

    Happy to report that the Kiwanis have assumed the coordination of the annual fall and spring clean up days and the consummate community volunteer Tom Hankins will head up the Kiwanis efforts. We welcome and thank them for this community service that does so much to keep up the appearance of the Ranch.

    SRCA District Representative John La Bar will be the SRCA coordinator. We thank Timi Gleason for her years of running the cleanups for us. John will come up with specific dates for the cleanup in coordination with the community-wide garage sales, and publish the dates in the next SRCA Newsletter.