Community Fair a Big Success

The Second Annual Community Fair was held on Sunday May 6 with about 600 hundred family members in attendance. Wendy Littooy as Chairman, arranged a splendid event for all to enjoy including a live band, booths, and exhibits, a pony ride, and two inflated jump devices for children. The Girl Scouts helped inflate the balloons donated by Coldwell Banker (The air was filled with escaped balloons it seems!). The SRCA provided the big hit of the day: free pizza from Pazzo’s . If you missed it, plan to come for our third annual event next year It is a wonderful family time for all and thanks to all who worked to put it on for the community. It is already another Ranch tradition.

Sharing Some Thoughts With You

Two very wonderful and important events happened to Gaye and I this month. First of all our oldest granddaughter, Dr. KoriWestin visited with us and brought our first great grandchild, Kayden to spend four days. What a delight to see and hold a two month old. I had forgotten just how precious they were and how small and what joy they bring. Kayden put up with the constant handling, photo taking, camcorder running with grace. Great Grandpa was even allowed to take her in the stroller for a walk out on the sidewalk twice.

The second memorable event was on May 4 at Dingeman School. Principal Brad Callahan and all the teachers and children had arranged for the First Annual Bob Dingeman Day. It was one of the most moving experiences of my long life to receive the cheers of 900 hundred children and walk through their avenue of flags with the announcement “Here comes Bob Dingeman!” Wow!!!

They unveiled the fine portrait of me for the Library originated by Wes Danskin, and the case with Dingeman Memorabilia and framed portrait prepared by Victoria Mazelli. I am flattered and honored beyond belief and thank you all for this honor for me and for my family. The certificates from the school principals who were present are already proudly displayed on the den wall. I returned that evening to be guest of honor at the School Carnival which was a great success and during which I truly appreciated all the kind words. You have gladdened the heart of this old soldier and made my life so full. Thanks a heap!

Taking Back Our Lakeview Park

Over the years we have faced the problem of young people from outside the Ranch coming to Lakeview Park after hours and drinking and starting fires and shooting out the lights. We have instituted measures from time to time to counter this activity which is present it seems in all City Parks. A group of Concerned Citizens met with Lance, Brian Maienschein’s Chief of Staff and Officer Steve Heguira and Layton Galloway and came up with a revised and revised plan to close the park gate and to oversee the park after hours to maintain it for use by residents. We thank Linda Roth for all her efforts to organize this corned outreach and of course it will be the concern and actions of the residents during the summer which can make the difference. We have posted signs indicating the gates will close “at dusk “and most of the graffiti has already been removed. Several benches which were extensively vandalized will be repaired or replaced so all can enjoy this beautiful park. This is truly Scripps Ranch at its finest doing its thing for the betterment of a useful and beautiful asset.

4th Of July Parade

If you have not decided on your neighborhood float there is still time to do so and submit your entry for the finest community 4th of July Parade in southern California. Chairman Jany Staley and Dick Kelly are planning a super show as usual. We will have the Scripps Ranch High School Band and perhaps the Marshall Middle School as well. The Scripps Ranch Marching Band is making the first High School Band Trip to China in June and we wish them all well and a safe trip.

July 4th is on a Wednesday this year so plan for it. We will have a live band playing in Hoyt Park and the Ice Cream Social like last year.

Plan to come and enjoy a patriotic moment in your busy lives.

Fire Season Is Near

This is the time to look around your house and property and remove any potential fire fuel sources, clean out from around your wooden fences, make a fire check and survey. Although we have our new Brush Rig to counter fires it is up to each and every one of us to reduce the potential for fires by removing fire fuel

Captain Nancy Sinclair New Commander NE Division SDPD

The New Commander of the NE Division was introduced at the SRCA meeting on May 8. I met with Captain Sinclair in her office and reviewed some of our community concerns. I emphasized that residents expect the police to be responsive to their requests and calls for assistance. I told her that we support the RSVP and liked the low crime rate in the Division, and especially Scripps Ranch, and we would like to see it remain low. I was assured she recognized our concerns and she assured me that she has the same concerns.

Just a couple of reminders:

Always lock your car and do not leave any valuables in plain sight.

Always close your garage doors so a casual thief cannot just walk in and steal from the garage.

Continue to report activities and requests for assistance to the Dispatcher even though the response may be slow because of higher priorities. It helps keep our crime rate low to report all incidents.