A Terrific Month

First of all, I hope May 12 was a wonderful day for remembering your mother and honoring the mothers of this world. As a wise old sage once said, "Honor your mother and your father and you will be blessed forever." My mother was a major influence in my life. She set high standards for conduct, taught me to do my best for the total good, and showed me how to always act with proper decorum. This remained with me all my life.

We also celebrated Memorial Day in May. It is a time when we stop our busy lives and say thank you to the veterans and their families who have given their lives so we can enjoy the blessings of freedom. The Veterans Center in Balboa Park had a fine series of events. If you have not been to the center in the Old Chapel, pay it a visit.

I presented to the center a plank from the deck of the USS Oklahoma. The ship was sunk at Pearl Harbor on December 7, l941, but was rebuilt. My father, who served with Admiral Nimitz, had received the plank as a reminder and we kept it in our family until this year.

It was especially poignant this year as Gaye and I were privileged to spend three weeks in Australia touring that vast continent. We were there for their Anzac Day, in which they remember the men of Australia and New Zealand who lost their lives starting with the Gallipoli Campaign of World War I in the Dardanelles.

The scope of citizen participation was the largest ever in Australia. It was seemingly stimulated by the September 11 attack on freedom and what it stands for. The trip for Gaye and I was fabulous.The people of Australia were absolutely the most hospitable we have ever met in our travels. Of course, I took 11 rolls of films. It was a real treat. We loved it.

Goodbye, George Brown

George Brown, known for wearing suspenders and classic shorts, was a fixture at Jerabek Elementary School for 20 years. He retires this month. George was an exemplary and greatly admired teacher of advanced mathematics, science, and other subjects for 5th and 6th graders. He had an innovative approach to teaching and he loved children.

George is one of the faculty that has made Jerabek Elementary School the envy of the district for its high academic achievements and number one status. George has been seen frying eggs on the sidewalk and using potatoes as electricity sources, all to the enlightenment and pleasure of children learning science.

During the 37 years George has been a teacher, he spent the last 30 years with the San Diego Unified School District. George will retire to his home in Ramona and we are sure he will continue to educate and enlighten children. He suggested his students prepare French toast for their mothers for Mother’s Day. This was a classic example of how he engages his students in activities.

Please join us at a community retirement celebration to honor George.

  • When: Friday, June 21, from 5-8 pm.
  • Where: Jerabek Elementary School courtyard.
  • Who: Current students and staff, plus any former students and colleagues.
  • What: Barbecue hot dogs with chips and cake.

Bring a lawn chair, soft drink, and a side dish to share. Please use disposable containers and serving utensils.

George is anxious to see as many former students and colleagues as possible. Help us show him how much we appreciate his dedication to San Diego’s educational community!

You can contribute toward the party and a gift for George. Donations are being accepted at Jerabek, or you can mail it to: Jerabek Elementary, 10050 Avenida Magnifica, San Diego, CA 92131, Attn: Stacy Wible. We will include your name on the gift card.

Honoring Our Law Enforcement Officers

The month of May was designated as "Law Enforcement Month." Now is the time to thank one of our San Diego police officers or sheriff’s deputies for the security they provide to us, and for exposing themselves to danger and stress on our behalf. It is truly appreciated. They would love to hear it from you. When you see them drive by, wave and greet them.

Fire Season

The wildfire season is here. Be especially alert and immediately report all fires. You should also remove any accumulation of trash, cuttings, and debris from around any wooden fences. Make sure your garden hoses work.

Give the Kids a Brake!

Children will be out of school this month. Often, while enjoying their vacations, they tend to forget some safety rules. Be alert, slow down, and give the kids a brake. They tend to ride their bikes and dart into the streets.

June is Another Special Month

As a soldier, I remember June 5, D-Day. It symbolizes the sacrifices and the heroism of thousands of American and Allied soldiers. The day set the stage for victory in Europe in World War II.

On June 6, Gaye and I celebrate our 57th wedding anniversary. Gaye has blessed my life and made me a very happy man. She is truly my woman of distinction.

On Father’s Day, I will bless the Lord for my children and wish them the best in life and the future.

I reach a milestone in my life on June 12. It is my 80th birthday. The last 26 years, I have lived and worked for Scripps Ranch and helped make it a fine community. It has been a real delight and I look around and say, "Working together we have been able to create a fine community. Let’s continue to work together to keep it this way."

Bob Dingeman