June: What A Month!

First of all in my family we celebrated my birthday (79th), Gaye and my wedding anniversary (56th), and youngest granddaughters 9th birthday. We had Honor your Flag Day on the l4th (hope you did), Fathers Day on the l7th(Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers). On June 20, we had a truly signal day on Scripps Ranch as we celebrated the formal groundbreaking ceremony for our new Modular Elementary School, Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary. I regret Gaye and I were in Hawaii on this singular day and sorely missed this event. Having worked on the Committee for so many years it is wonderful to see the first school under Proposition MM coming on line for the schools year starting Sept. 1. We wish Dr. Rich Cansdale, Principal, and all the new faculty and staff, as well as new parents and children the best and happiest of educational experiences. We are confident this will be another crown jewel in our school system here on Scripps Ranch.Our collective thanks go to Karen Wood Committee Chairman, R.J. Maus, Architect and all the members of the EBS Committee (residents, District Staff and School members) who met faithfully over these many months to bring about a quality school for the Ranch.For Opening Day, the SRCA will secure and donate an American flag flown over the Capitol as well as the state flag which will b e donated by the SRCA as we have done for all Scripps Ranch Schools. Last but not least is that 55 members of the Scripps Ranch High School made the first ever High School Band trip to China.

4th of July Parade

As a long time chairman and member of the 4th of July Parade Committee I urge you to meet with your neighbors and prepare a float entry. There is still time to be a part of the finest patriotic community parade in Southern California. Jany Staley and Dick Kelley, Chairmen have prepared a wonderful parade. Elissa Barber will be the host for the ice cream social and f ace painting in Hoyt Park after the parade. We will also have a band playing for your pleasure in Hoyt Park. By all means come and enjoy the parade and then come down to Hoyt Park for a brief patriotic observance then have dixie cup of your favorite flavor donated by our friends, the Cabrillo Credit Union again this year. Try It You Will Like It!!!!

Give The Kids A Brake

Just a reminder to all motorists that the children are out of schools and enjoying their freedom. Sometimes they forget when they cross the street or play ball in the driveway and run into the street. Give them a brake and be alert.

Art Exhibits Held At Information Center

The Dingeman School students displayed their fine art work at the Information Center followed on June l5 by the student artists from Jerabek Elementary School. I hope you took time to visit the center and were impressed with the artistry of the children. I saw one done by a Kindergarten student, Brett Lofthus, in Miss George’s Class at Jerabek in the style of the famous Jackson Pollack. He really achieved the same aspect. Our thanks to all the art teachers who encouraged their students to express themselves through art. Also thanks to Mary Baker for doing the yeoman’s work to bring about and set up the exhibit. We look forward to Miramar Ranch Elementary Schools display for the next exhibit.

Information On Landscape Maintenance Assessment District

Sorry I still do not have the final answer on the assessment for the coming year. There has been further discussion with the City as to whether and how they will apply the CPI increase for extra expenses. The good news is we have renewed Blue Skies Contract and we look forward with a new on-site manager to being able to provide even better service. We have included extra funds for the eventual possibility of having to remove Lerp affected trees. I asked for an update from the County Agricultural Agent as to what action we should take before we embark on any removal of trees.

For those who have asked when the playground equipment for the tot lots on Riesling/ Semillon and Forest View will be installed? The answer is, the requisition was submitted on May l4 and usually takes about 4-6 weeks to process. The City has contracted to replace these LMD assets.

Al Hofstatter is revising one of our community trails which unfortunately terminated in the yard of a private home causing trespassing. We will change the routing of the trail and add some signs and advise you when it is done. It is a good Eagle Scout Project and will retain one of the most visible trails from Miramar Reservoir.

Buckled Sidewalks

Sorry to report I have nothing new on getting the buckled sidewalks taken care of. We will change our approach and ask for a plan for permanent fixing but we will also ask that some temporary repairs be done to avoid injury.

Here We Go Again On Dogs In Parks And Open Spaces

Please remember that we have no leash-free parks in Scripps Ranch. You must walk your dog on a leash and pick up after it.

We are still getting requests from parents with small children to remind everyone that dogs and “Dog Do” befoul our parks, and dogs running loose scare the children. Thanks for your cooperation

Fire Season Is Here – Be Cautious

The Fire Department asks all resident to be especially vigilant during this fire season. We here in Scripps Ranch are very vulnerable to fires and are doing our best to remove excess grass. Because we no longer have the use of the County Probation Crews we need your help to remove the dry brush and grass from areas around your h homes and outside your fences. If you live along a street lease take some time and go outside your fence and remove any dead items. You, your neighbor, and the Firemen will be happy and the place will look better. Your LMD is working on clearing out as much as we can, but the absence of the Probation Crews is a big loss for us.

If you have trees growing close to the eaves of your house now is the time to cut them back – the house you save may be your own.

Summer Vacation House Checks

You are reminded that the Scripps Mesa RSVP can check your house for you when you are on vacation. Call the Store Front 538-8120 and get the particulars to register from this valuable service.

Covenants, Codes And Restrictions (CC&R)

I have received several phone calls about CC&Rs and how they apply to the present homeowners and where copies can be found. First of all, the original CC&Rs for the home remains with the home no matter how many times it is sold. Ask your escrow company for a copy. We do have a file of many CC&Rs available in the Information Center. We have found that once a resident is informed of the potential violation that they generally cooperate and remove the offending item.

Graffiti Appears Again…Ugh

After several months absence we had some graffiti again sprayed at Hendrix Pond and two other areas. We always have some during the summer so please give me a call at 566-6083 so we can remove it quickly.

In the same vein if you observe illegal activity in our parks, especially after hours, please call the Police Dispatcher at (619) 531- 2000 and follow up with a call to Officer Steve Heguira at the Store Front 538- 8174. Do not get discouraged with slow responses. Remember it must be reported or the police have no idea where we are having problems.

Creating Memorials

Previously in What’s Happening I mentioned that we would like ideas on how to sympathetically and properly recognize the deaths of individuals on our streets and also establish some sort of memorial for the individuals. I received several thoughtful suggestions and I would like to pass them on to you and then you can comment back to me so we may develop a consensus.

1. Create a special place on the Ranch on a major road, preferably in some open space, which would be designated as a Memorial Garden.

Comment: There are several excellent developed and undeveloped areas along Spring Canyon which could be evaluated for such a memorial. One is on a hill whick would be prominent and is not yet developed. It is close to Spring Canyon.

2. If a special Memorial Garden was created, how would it be done and who would maintain it?

Comment: This is the big question which cannot be answered directly. Any project of this magnitude must have an organized group to develop plans and supervise maintenance. Normally the LMD would not undertake this sort of action and it would have to be a community action. The individuals would assume the maintenance burden.

3. Could the SRCA allocate funds to a project like this and would the LMD consider it also?

Comment: Certainly once the project had reached the stage of presenting a plan and an estimate of costs, the SRCA could consider funding part of the project. The LMD would have to approve the project as well. Neither are insurmountable. The project just takes time and patience to gather the data needed to present a financing and maintenance plan.

4. Does the City have any existing plans for this type of memorial?

Comment: None is known at this time. There are many crosses decorated with flowers and candles where fatal accidents have occurred. The issue is how long should they be in place and who maintains it.

Comment: The city would have to be contacted regarding city regulations. The only information we have to date is that it should not distract motorists and thereby contribute to another accident, nor should it constitute litter.

5. Where do we go from here? There are about six fatal accident sites on the Ranch caused by traffic.

Comment: One or more individuals who wish to pursue this could contact me as SRCA Secretary to assist in forming a group and providing administrative assistance as well. A plan could be formulated and presented to the SRCA Executive Board. The key, of course, will be sensitive planning and a good follow-up plan for maintenance.