Thank you! Thank you!

I am overwhelmed and deeply appreciative of the many wishes for a happy 80th birthday. You made this old soldier’s day a happy one. I enjoyed three birthday cakes as well. To all of you who have been so kind, it makes me happy and proud that I live in such a wonderful community where people care and say so.

The plaque from the Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee is already proudly displayed on my wall. I was particularly touched by the birthday greetings from all the children at Dingeman Elementary School. I must admit I shed a tear or two reading them. I was so moved. At my age, it is such a wonderful thing to receive accolades from children. Wow!

4th of July Parade and Ice Cream Social

Join us for the grand and glorious, bigger than ever Scripps Ranch 4th of July parade. The fun starts at 10 am. After the parade, head to Hoyt Park for our ice cream social, courtesy of the SRCA and our friends at Cabrillo Credit Union. Plan to come and celebrate in our wonderful community fashion!

SRCA Scholarship Awards

Two outstanding young people from Scripps Ranch High School’s graduating class were selected for the SRCA Bob Dingeman Community Service Scholarship. They were awarded $500 at the Senior Awards Night.

Stacey Shelby has been a continuing contributor to many youth activities, as well as a fine athlete and scholar. She volunteered her time, including helping the SRCA start a major project to index our historical Newsletters.

Aaron Pipken is not only a fine scholar and musician, but through his strong beliefs and faith shows that the human race is "good" and he will work to make it better. They both are outstanding graduates.

Our congratulations and best wishes as they move on to college and later life. Please continue to help make this world a better place. It is such a pleasure to interview the outstanding graduates who apply for this scholarship. It reinforces my belief in America and pride in our young people.

Dingeman School 6th Graders Graduate

The first class that enrolled at Dingeman Elementary School as kindergarten students have graduated from the 6th grade and moved on to Marshall Middle School. This is a real milestone in Ranch history as these students graduate from this award-winning school.

The 6th graders worked closely with Marshall Middle School. Two-thirds achieved academic standings in mathematics comparable to, or better than, Marshall students. That is a real compliment to the attention, skill, and dedication of Principal Brad Callahan and the 6th grade teachers. Our compliments to all who made a challenging assignment such a success.

E. B. Scripps Elementary School Expanding

Five additional modular classrooms will be placed to complete the quadrangle at Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School. They will be in place and ready for the coming school year.

This will permit an expansion of the enrollment to meet the projected increase. EBS just earned another prestigious award for excellence, a real compliment to Principal Rich Cansdale.

MAD Ballot–Vote Yes and Mail it In

Your ballot for approving the increase needed for our Landscape Maintenance Assessment District was mailed in early June. There was a delay in preparing them for mailing and we apologize for it.

Support our community efforts to enhance appearance, preserve property values, remove hazards to our homes, and ensure we have the finest grass areas for our many sports teams. Vote "yes" for our MADs. Don’t forget to mail in your ballot so your vote counts.

Vandalism Again

It seems to happen with spring: the vandalism of cars and property. This time, my wife’s car windows were shattered by pellet guns. When we reported it, we found that no less than 12 vehicles had been hit on that Sunday, May 26.

All the incidents were reported to the police. Replacing the glass is costly. This senseless destruction of private property is always distressing and even more so when it hits home.

If you have any leads, call me at 566-6083 and I will forward the information to the detective on the case. We have asked for, and are receiving, increased surveillance of our parks on weekends to attempt to curb the vandalism there.

Slurry Coating of our Streets

It is the end of the fiscal year and this is the time the Streets Division finds the funds to address our backlog in slurry coating streets. We had a good effort in May and June and that should continue.

For those asking when and if their street will receive coating, I am sorry I cannot provide this. The city picks the streets from the 44 we submitted years ago. At least we are slowly addressing the street repair issue, and those that have been done look much better.

Traffic Committee Volunteer Needed

We need a resident willing to research, attend meetings, and provide guidance on traffic matters. Every development has traffic mitigation problems, including the new middle school.

Contact me at 566-6083 if you can help. We need you. Luis Biaggi, our resident expert on operating our SRCA traffic monitoring device, will assist in any monitoring areas desired.

Volunteering and You

The thing that keeps Scripps Ranch such a fine place for family living is our terrific volunteers in youth and other programs. They make the sports leagues a success and fill the parks on weekends with children and parents.

You can be a part of all of this. Just check out the SRCA website at [] for additional areas in which you can play a key role. Devote as much or as little time as you can afford, but volunteer. We need you.

For example, the Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee would like to have five interested volunteers to perform some very essential planning work for our growing community. Call Chair Peggy Shirey at 530-3833.

Lions Club Now in Scripps Ranch/Mira Mesa

We welcome the Lions Club to Scripps Ranch and look forward to their community service efforts. We invited representatives to come to the SRCA meeting to introduce themselves and to state in what areas they can assist our community. It is so nice to have an organization help in our many projects, like the Kiwanis do for our 4th of July parade.

Tree Policy on Scripps Ranch

We are expending the $60,000 which Councilmember Brian Maienschein secured to remove lerp-killed trees. We are removing them with emphasis on those that might pose a potential threat to residents’ homes or property.

If you have a tree that you are concerned about, call me at 566-6083 and Layton Galloway, our Landscape Maintenance Assessment District manager, or I will come out and check it. Our tree policy is quite simple:

  • If the tree poses a threat to your property, it is removed.
  • We cannot remove a tree simply because it blocks your view.
  • If we determine it can be trimmed by a qualified arborist, we can assume the expense or ask you to. This saves the tree, but removes the hazard.
  • We cannot remove trees from private property. Although our trees are the crowning glory of Scripps Ranch, we are seeing many removed by owners at their discretion.

Code Enforcement

As the Code Policy Enforcement Officer for Scripps Ranch, I continue to receive many requests for information and services. Each SRCA district representative is provided with a list of city phone numbers. Do not get turned off by the automated phone system. Persist until you get human intervention and make your report.

I report violations, as well as requests for policy and enforcement, to the office regularly. City policy on enforcement seems to change monthly, depending on the personnel assets available for investigating and enforcing changes or compliance.

Fire Season is Here

I have reminded you about this before, but as you may have seen on television, fire season is here. Since we are so dry, it is going to be a dangerous one. We must all be extremely careful as we are surrounded by trees.

If you have not cleared around your fences, please do so. Also, have a contingency plan to assist if a fire does occur. The house you save can be your own.

Water, Water–We Need Water

An update now on the water situation at Evans Pond. We have asked for water and not been able to get any. We requested assistance and received very helpful information from Dick Carlson of the county. We also initiated a request to the City Reclaimed Water Authority, county, and state to use reclaimed water from the reservoir on lot #5 of the business park.

We may have to pay for about six-acre feet this year, but the Rec Council indicates they could help supply some water. The pond is the lowest I have ever seen it and it really needs the water.

Engine Company #37 is looking into borrowing some four-inch hoses for this purpose. They will connect them to the standpipe at the reservoir, which is an emergency water supply for fires anyway. As the pond is not for drinking or swimming, we as a community will be pioneers in using reclaimed water for this purpose. Aren’t we always?!

Evans Pond and the Ducks

As Gaye and I were leaving our home to go to the airport on our way to Australia, I saw a resident standing in the middle of the intersection. I noticed he was stopping traffic and carefully shepherding a mother duck with her seven little ducklings down Red Cedar Drive towards Evans Pond.

I witnessed Scripps Ranch at its best as traffic stopped for the duck passage. I took a picture of the Good Samaritan, and he can come to the house for a souvenir of his good deed.

Wildlife in Our Midst

It seems with the shortage of water, wildlife comes closer to our homes looking for water and food. Please do not feed the skunks or coyotes. If you do, the coyotes will feed off your small pets and lose their fear of humans. The skunks will reward you with a smell and getting it off requires a lot of tomato juice.

Be a Good Neighbor

Have you contacted your neighbors just to say "hello?" To tell them you are going on vacation? To borrow a cup of sugar? Too often, even in our wonderful community, people do not take the time to meet their neighbors.

This pays off in watching each other’s houses and just pleasant living. If you have not done it, please give it a try. This is triggered by the many calls I receive to arbitrate house-to-house disputes.

I am happy to say I usually get good cooperation in solving a problem, except when it comes to parking too many cars. That seems to be intractable. Barking dogs are a challenge as well, especially when the dogs bark from boredom and lack of company. Be a good neighbor.

Sign Policy

Since I reviewed the tree policy, let me review our sign policy. With your cooperation, we can retain a great deal of flexibility and save volumes of paper work with the city.

  • We have designated four areas for placing of signs: Pomerado Road at Willow Creek, the intersection of Aviary Drive and Scripps Ranch Blvd., the fence at Scripps Lake and Red Cedar Drives, and on Spring Canyon Road;
  • Authorized signs are only for community activities and events, not commercial advertising;
  • Signs can go up on Friday and come down no longer than one week later;
  • If Signs are left up more than one week, the person responsible will be called and the signs removed;
  • House "For Sale" signs can be posted on weekends by realtors and removed on Sunday; and,
  • "For Sale" signs cannot be placed on any city sign or post.
Thanks for cooperating.