4th of July–What a Delight!

One of the joys of living in Scripps Ranch is being able to help put on the annual 4th of July Parade, Picnic, and Ice Cream Social.

This year was a really special parade, with more people watching and participating than ever before. The work of Jany Staley as chair of the SRCA 4th of July activities was outstanding and my neighbor Dick Kelly superbly organized the parade. The many parade marshals, judges, and helpers made it memorable.

As the parade narrator and committee member, it is a pleasure to see the delight of so many residents in our very special celebration. The Ice Cream Social sponsored by your SRCA and Cabrillo Credit Union provided many flavors of ice cream, and I even sampled both the strawberry and the vanilla. Our thanks to Elissa Barber and her volunteers for handling it so beautifully with plenty for all.

Darrell Wright again videotaped the parade so those who would like to see it can; we soon will have the video for sale for a modest fee or you can check it out from the Library for free. The many residents who participated in the parade have not had a chance to see it in its entirety until now; you’ll find it a joy I’m sure.

We want to thank the Marines from MCAS Miramar and the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts for the ceremony at Hoyt Park with the pledge of allegiance and the singing of God Bless America. We celebrated the founding of our country in the old fashioned patriotic way, and it was splendid. See you all for 2001.

Welcome New Principals

We welcomed for their first time in the parade the new Principal for Jerabek School, Steve Hill, and his son, and the new Principal for Dingeman School, Brad Callahan and his family.

Dingeman School had an entry for the first time– the Dingeman Tiger. It gladdened my heart to see the entry, and we hope that many other agencies and schools will continue the tradition of entering such wonderful and unique neighborhood floats. That is what makes our parade so special. For those who are new to the Ranch, the mascot of the Dingeman School is a Smiling Tiger in memory of old soldier Bob Dingeman who was called “Tiger Six” in Vietnam and Korea.

Ellen Browning Scripps (EBS) School

The EBS subcommittee continues to work constructively and rapidly with the new architect Mr. R. J. Maus, who is integrating many ideas into this new modular school. These ideas include construction of landscaped berms to help in sound attenuation, inclusion of a covered lunch area, colorful awnings, and planted trees and grass. We also are including a perimeter fence for safety and security, as well as all safety and security measures initially developed for the site. We are preparing a schematic design for the School Board to consider approving in August.

As the school is to be constructed and available by 200l for 300-350 students, the work has to proceed rapidly so the construction can start. Selection of colors and other aspects are in the mill as well. Please note that we have the capability of expanding to include 500 students if needed.

The goal is to have a fully functional and visually attractive school in place by fall 2001, even though it is only destined to be used for five years. The principal we hope will be designated soon so that essential coordination can be accomplished.

Lerp Infestation

I am still receiving many questions about what can or should be done about the lerp infestation of some of our trees. I have again contacted the State Agricultural Agency as well as the County and the advice remains the same. That you should not over-water or over-fertilize your trees as that merely adds to the problem. Also, the trees are not dead and do not need to be removed.

In response to several specific requests, I contacted a well respected arborist for his advice, and also to see if he would respond to residents concerns and provide consultant service for them prior to cutting down of trees. What we were finding was that a tree service would be called in to remove a tree when it was not really dead.

You may call Robert Bichovsky at 619-465-4143. He will be happy to talk to you and will provide consulting services for a fee about your specific trees. This is less than the cost of removing the tree I am sure. We are hopeful that this vexing problem will ease off after a three-year period. It is regrettable that Mr. Chancey Jerabek, the gardener for E.W. Scripps, planted so many of the trees so loved by the lerps. Our concern of course is that the lerp does not weaken a tree and leave is vulnerable to the Australian Borer which girdles and can kill trees.

We are still on the list for a controlled test area for the small wasp which is a natural enemy of the lerp. Officials are still testing the wasp so that they do not introduce a new insect which will devastate our other good insects.

Community Service Center

The City has accepted the new community service center–the old McMillin Information Pavilion–on Cypress Canyon Road, and most of the trails and low water-use plantings are in place. We have a designated City Director and work is proceeding well for a grand opening in September. Bob Cavanagh and Dave Settles, SRCA District Representatives, head a committee that is working to develop procedures for the full use of the building by both the City and the community. We expect the facility to become an outstanding community asset, both attractive and a source of information.