4th Of July A Smashing Success

Scripps Ranch did itself proud again on the 4th of July with an excellent l0k, Family Run, Bike rides and a fabulous Parade, followed by a patriotic Ceremony with Ice Cream provided by the SRCA and Cabrillo Credit Union. I must admit that the 4th of July is one of my favorite days in Scripps Ranch. First of all, we get together as a community of American citizens and celebrate our Nation’s Birthday in the time-honored way with a parade and picnic combo. A splendid committee headed up by Jany Staley, Dick Kelly, Elissa Barber, Bob Gravina and a host of others, worked for many months to create the truly wonderful Scripps Ranch Parade and Picnic. The many marching units of parents and children and the Neighborhood floats displayed their usual excellence. Our invited guests all indicated that this Parade is special across the City, specifically because the people are friendly and make visitors truly feel welcome. This makes all of the hard work of the committee worthwhile.

As narrator, I’m privileged to add some local “Color” and also thanks our invited guests. I hope you had a chance to welcome Congressman Cunningham, State Senator Battin,

State Assemblywoman Charlene Zettel, Mayor Dick Murphy, Councilman Brian

Maienschein and his wife, School Board rep Sue Braun and her husband, good friend Councilman George Stevens. The Scripps Ranch Band arrived just in time from their triumphant tour of China to be in our parade. To all the other participants, Parade Marshals, Parade Judges, convertible drivers, Boy and Girl Scouts, and USMC Color Guard – THANKS…..YOU made it a special day in Scripps Ranch.

For all of those who enjoyed being in or watching the parade, you are invited to help for next year. Volunteers put on the parade and new ideas/energy are always welcome! Watch for articles in upcoming newsletters or just send your ideas to the SRCA via our web site www.scrippsranch.org.


The Redistricting Commission’s initial Map has Scripps Ranch within the 5th District. The boundary was changed to place all of MCAS in District 7 and the population and the areas of Kearny Mesa and Linda Vista are reunited with their neighbors in District 6. Scripps Ranch appeared before the Redistricting and thanked them for keeping us in District 5 along with the other I-15 communities with whom we share common interests (vs not disenfranchising us by moving us into District 7 with whom we share no common interests).

At this meeting, an organized presentation was made to move Rancho Penasquitos into the Fifth District to unite it with Mira Mesa because of the large population of Asian Americans. Do to the large population of Rancho Penasquitos, this proposal could again raise the possibility of considering movement of Scripps Ranch into District 7 in order to achieve the population balance required by redistricting. The SRCA and other community groups plan on attending future Redistricting Commission meetings to address our communities concerns about being removed from District 5.

The presentation to unite Mira Mesa and Rancho was made to preserve the rights of Asian Americans under the Minority Voting Act. The City Attorney explained the process and that due consideration was given to minority rights. Councilman Maienschein again spoke on our behalf urging the Commission to retain us in the Fifth District and not include Rancho Penasquitos.

Vandalism At Hendrix Pond

It is always distressing to report, however, once again Hendrix Pond was the target of graffiti artists. It seems the end of school always triggers a resurgence of this type activity. Our Graffiti Busters responded quickly and it has been removed. If you see any individuals committing these types of activities we recommend that you do not confront them just get the License number and description and call the police at the Mira Mesa Store Front or Downtown and provide the information. That way the City can take the appropriate action and hopefully to prevent it from happening again. Our most faithful graffiti remover, Julian Parrish, can use some assistance so give me a call and we will add you as a member of the Busters. Call me at 566-6083.

Administrator Larry Brady RSVP Honored

Scripps Mesa RSVP Administrator Larry Brady was selected as the RSVP Volunteer of the Year for San Diego County. We congratulate Larry on this singular honor. We are still recruiting members for our outstanding RSVP Patrol: just contact the Store Front to get the information needed. The RSVP is busy making vacation house checks for residents on vacation, a really fine service, as well as their many other projects and activities. If you want further information about the RSVP, please call me at 566-6083 as Secretary of the Foundation and happy to give you the information.

Meeting Of The City Council Slated For Scripps Ranch

The Mayor has decided to hold a special community meeting of the City Council in our Library Center on Monday July 30 at 5 PM. The Main topic will be establishing a Foundation for constructing the new Downtown Main Library as well as other Library Actions. It is a special honor to be able to host the City Council in our own Library Center. It allows our many Library Supporters led by Katie Sullivan who chaired the recent action to secure a Main Library to make their points on “their home field” so to speak. Watch for more information on the SRCA Web site.

Fire Station Work Progressing

I went to the site where the new contractor is busy at work and had a guided tour of the facility. All of the concrete work is poured and the interior fittings should go in at last this week. It is a very impressive and functional building and should be a great addition to our community. To those residents who called and pointed out that the lettering in black against the surface could not be read: I asked and was assured that it would be painted a more visible color. The concrete work on the sidewalks and the drive through are completed. It will also have its own on-site portable generator so that in the event of a power outage it can be switched on immediately.

I know we are all glad it is finally coming online. Just a reminder we have already seen some serious brush and wild fires. Please be careful of any fires and report anything immediately to 911. With our new Brush Rig I feel more comfortable about our ability to handle brush fires but the key is prevention not fighting a fire.

Speaking of fires, a home on Wild Grape was badly damaged in a house fire. We send our condolences to our neighbors who lost their belongings. A real tragedy, but thankfully no loss of life. We have been fortunate in having very few home fires on the Ranch in the past twenty years. With vigilance, we can keep that record and when there is a fire our Engine Company 37 and the MCAS Fire Crews can and will respond quickly and effectively. Remember the first minutes of fire suppression are critical.

Lerp Infestation Of Our Trees

Yes the Lerp has done a job on one species of Eucalyptus trees in the Ranch. Many appear to have been badly damaged and some are actually dead. We will remove those which pose hazards to homes and I have asked the Director of the Park and Rec to provide a policy on the removal of the trees which are determined to be dead in the City Parks and Open Space Lands. We were instructed to allow the release of wasps that are the natural predators of the Lerp. If you have a tree on your property that you are unsure about, we recommend calling a qualified arborist and get a professional opinion rather than simply hiring a tree service or a man with a chain saw to take down your tree.

Sidewalks And Curbing

I took more photographs of sidewalks and curbs that are “buckled” in Scripps Ranch and forwarded them with a letter to Mr. George Loveland, Deputy City Manager, suggesting that two interim measures could be considered. One is to apply a patch to the area as was done on Red Cedar three years ago. This patch has held up well and reduced the danger of tripping and falling. The second interim measure was used by the School District at Miramar Ranch Elementary School. They simply ground down the raised area. This changes the color of the sidewalk but does reduce the trip hazard. We are also working on a “shared cost” plan with the City and the resident. The big issue is whether a tree root is causing the damage; if the tree is a City tree, then the City will repair. If it’s the Resident’s tree, then the resident should repair. To remove the sidewalk, cut and remove the roots and then replace the sidewalk is a time consuming and expensive process. That is why we are trying to secure an interim but safe fix. So far we have identified about l2 raised or buckled sidewalks in the Ranch that need attention.

Two Major Actions Affecting The Ranch, Shea Parcel Acquisition And Rancho Encantada

We have reported at length on two major developments which impact on the Ranch. These are the Rancho Encantada project, which is slated to be heard by the Planning Commission on July 19th, and the possible acquisition of the 4 acre Shea Parcel for

Recreational use. Please see the more lengthy reports on each of these issues. We have engaged in extensive dialogues with residents, developers and City Officials to come up with the recommendations outlined in these reports.

Water Plant Expansion Work To Start

Be advised that construction work commenced on the planned Water Plant expansion. Please be alert, as this constriction project will impact Scripps Lake Road. The City and Community are working to minimize the impact but it requires your attention and diligence around the construction sites, which will be active for at least a year.