Thanks a Heap!

For all who called and sent cards and email on my recent foray into becoming a completely bionic man, I am deeply appreciative. On August 18, Dr. Luke Vaughan of Green Hospital, who is an expert in shoulder replacement, skillfully replaced my right shoulder, which was becoming completely inoperative. He found and repaired a torn biceps, a torn rotator cuff, and a bone spur on my clavicle, and replaced my joint with a metal prosthesis.

Did it hurt? Yes, in spades; but with some high powered pills, I am well on my way to recovery. This is made possible by the wonderful care and able assistance in my physical therapy–better called pain and torture–and control measures of my loving nurse and wife Gaye. She has assumed multiple duties to take over many of the things I do and take care of me as well. Your patience as Team Dingeman gets back up to speed will be appreciated. Call and I will be happy to help, just a bit slower as I gradually get back my strength.

Again, thanks a heap from the old warrior.

Scripps Ranch at its Best

It was with a great deal of pride and sense of community that I joined your friends and neighbors in our appearance before the City Planning Commission at a hearing to consider the requested changes to our business park, which we found unacceptable. We were united. We were articulate. We were not NIMBY, but concerned and knowledgeable of the situation, and also well mannered.

The size of our delegation and our presentations showed Scripps Ranch at it finest community self, and it carried the day. We have set the stage for our appearance before the City Council on the matter. Your Newsletter covered the entire debate with both pro and con points published, so you remain the best informed community in San Diego.

Is the battle over? No! We still have the appearance before the City Council and aftermath actions. As long as there are proposed changes in our physical environment, we will need your community interest and input to the process in order to bring our point of view forward, or we will get steam rolled and some strange actions will be approved that will adversely affect our quality of life.

We need your participation and support; it really pays off for all of us. What a rush it was at the Planning Commission hearing. I was as proud as a parent watching a child graduate from college. Sometimes fighting the bureaucracy and City Hall is a real pain. This action was a pleasure because of the outcome, but they are not all going to be the same so stay in there and fight for our quality of life. The results will be our collective award.

Councilman Appointed for Fifth District

With the resignation of Barbara Warden as our Fifth District Councilperson, we are left with a lack of representation at a critical time in our community and City lives. There are many actions that require the personal intervention and support of a councilmember dealing on an equal basis for limited City assets with all other Districts. There also are many City-inspired actions that require a representative to express our views.

We have asked the Mayor to expedite the appointment process for an interim councilmember, and the public hearings for same are to be held Monday, Sept. l8. We will speak to the issue and urge rapid action. What we have suggested is that we need a councilmember who can hit the job running and not have a lot of catch up or learning to do.

Also, we need a councilmember who quickly can establish the necessary networking to get things done. This caretakers job will be difficult at best, so we in the community must stand ready to render a greater level of activity and support to get the needed things done by the interim appointee.

Candidates Night — Oct. 10

The SRCA Candidates Forum will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 10, starting at 7 pm. We will begin with a short informal period in order to meet the candidates. This will be followed at 7:30 pm by the usual forum in which candidates present their views, and residents ask specific questions of the individual candidates or all candidates.

All candidates for elected office affecting our community have been invited. We are pleased to have both candidates for Mayor and City Council for District 5, as well as several other candidates. We requested that all candidates send in a short description of their views for publication in our Newsletter. Those that were received are on pages 23-25.

So on Oct. 10, come out and hear what they have to say, and then in November vote. Your attendance will show your interest and willingness to take part in the democratic privilege of voting for the candidate of your choice.

We thank District Representative Tony Krvaric who is chairing the forum, and past SRCA Vice President Rick Parke who will moderate and is a veteran of many previous forums. I will assist in controlling time for each speaker so that we can hear as many answers to your questions as possible.

Trails Map in Final Form

The Scripps Ranch Park and Trails map has been placed in final form and is ready to print. What a delight! We are sure you will be able to enjoy our parks and trails even more with this handy guide. It contains descriptions of each park and trail, map locations, and other information in a usable format. It was prepared using SRCA membership fees, and we plan to send it to all SRCA members as a thank you. Look for it soon.

Thanks also to the Trails Committee headed by residents Al Hofstatter and Damian Moos. They have worked hard to bring this about. I guess I might as well say it; the wonderful things that happen on the Ranch and that make our community so special are derived from the hard work of resident volunteers. These accomplishments such as the trails map are not “givens.” We do not have a City staff to do these things; we rely on volunteers to take up the cause and see it to a conclusion. SRCA can support volunteer efforts, but it relies on the good works of residents like Al and Damian.

Scripps Ranch Landscape Maintenance District (SRLMD)

With the increase in the cost of electricity, we will initiate a controlled program for watering and maintenance to get the most from our budgeted money. We may have to postpone some planned actions in order to maintain a suitable reserve for unexpected costs. We will continue to concentrate on the high-use playing fields and do our usual clean-out of storm drains.

I will prepare a summary of the SRLMD budget for inclusion in the Newsletter for your information. We had to increase the assessment from $73 to $78 per year for obvious reasons, but have retained a lean environment to hold down costs. We still have a flexible and responsive system that operates for the best interests of all residents. Bringing our two separate LMDs (Scripps Ranch and Miramar Ranch North) into coordinated action is still a priority and is underway.

Slow Down Signs

You will begin seeing on our streets yellow signs which say “Slow Down.” These were prepared by City Councilwoman Judy McCarty and are made available to us to remind motorists, “It’s our neighborhood; slow down for the children at play.” These will be placed on private property as a reminder to all of us to heed the speed limits and make Scripps Ranch a safe place to live and play. Your cooperation will make it all possible.

Traffic Counters Deployed

We finally have all the permits, insurance, and training done. We will begin the deployment of our SRCA traffic counters on a planned and organized basis starting with Pomerado Road. These devices record speed, time, volume, and many other data that we will analyze and then will provide to the City.

What happens too often is old data models are used that are no longer accurate. Our experience is that traffic counts often are underestimated and that mitigation often is inadequate. If the data are wrong, erroneous assumptions are made as to carrying capacities and stacking requirements, and this usually leads to intense overloading, delays, and road rage. With this new equipment, we plan to work with the City to achieve the best possible data and understanding of traffic conditions and solutions.

A Special Thanks to Newsletter Distributors

A special presentation by the Scripps Ranch Theatre on Thursday, Sept. 2l, has been organized by SRCA for all the distributors of our award-winning Newsletter. In suggesting this thank you, SRCA President Marc Sorensen noted that without these hundreds of volunteers, we could not function as we do as a community.

Distributors deliver over l0,500 copies of the Newsletter each month. If mailed, the cost per copy would be about $l.40 and that would require doubling our advertising rates. Thanks to all of you who make such a difference. We notice, and want you and the community to know we appreciate your efforts.

Migrant Workers Outside 7-11

Migrant workers looking for yard work or other work on a part-time basis again have begun to congregate at the fence opposite the 7-11 store in the Vons shopping center. They unfortunately litter the area with trash and throw it into the open space. They also use the open space as a bathroom, creating an unacceptable situation.

These actions have been reported to the migrant workers police officer who will reinforce the regulations. You can help by not hiring these men for odd jobs. This is not being mean spirited, just pragmatic.

Schools are Back in Session

We had the largest enrollment ever for this year but all went well opening day. The additional bungalows were in place and the additional teachers were as well. We welcome all of the new teachers and our Acting Principal Mr. Mendoza at Miramar Ranch Elementary School.

Past Principal Valerie Voss moved to another inner City school, and we will miss her calm yet forceful guidance. Three teachers from Dingeman Elementary School were promoted to vice principal at other schools; we miss them, but congratulate them all.

Farewell to a Real Friend

In a beautiful memorial service attended by hundreds of friends, colleagues, and admirers, we bid farewell to Rosalie Fisher, Past Principal of Jerabek Elementary School who died of lung cancer at a too young an age. Rosalie, who never smoked, was the consummate teacher devoted to seeing that children learned and performed to their highest capability.

An excellent administrator and planner, Rosalie met every challenge with aplomb and style and won out in the end. Jerabek was recognized as the number one elementary school in the school district, a ranking that illustrated Rosalie’s efforts to inspire excellence in all the children and teachers. The support from the parents continued at all times to be exemplary. Farewell Rosalie, and thanks for all you did for us. Yours is a true heritage of service and results.

Possible Lerp Solution Arrives

A possible solution to the lerp infestation of our eucalpytus trees may have arrived in the form of a wasp. Please read my report on page 17.