United We Stand

As all of America sat transfixed in horror, we saw the destruction of the World Trade Center Buildings and the Pentagon and the loss of thousands of innocent people and the brave firemen and policemen who tried to help them in a blink of an eye. As a nation, we were made even more mindful that the noble vision and call of America as the land of the free and the Home of the Brave, is something that must be defended and cherished. I am sure you, as did I, wept unashamedly as we heard the stories from the families of the victims all expressing their love as they faced imminent death. We all prayed for the victims and their families forever bereft. I was asked to come to an assembly at Dingeman School on the National Day of Remembrance and Prayer and it was my privilege to arrange for a Color Guard from the RSVP (all veterans). It was an honor to help the school hold this event for the students, teachers, and parents. In time of deep trouble, our country has always shown its “true grit” and this occurrence has shown us all that we still have the reservoir of goodness and righteous spirit that makes our country great. We have seen a reemergence of love of America and patriotism and willingness to stand up for what we are as a nation. Let us keep this spirit in the days ahead as it will be needed. Scripps Ranch residents have always stood together for what is best for our community, San Diego and the nation and this will not be different. We may have disagreements about some of the actions of our government and schools, but we are united in securing the best possible solution. There will be days and months ahead, which as the novelists say “will try men’s souls,” as well as our national resources and resolve. Let us all keep faith in America and our institutions and continue our quest for the finest and best for mankind. Will we be successful? Yes we will with good spirit, confidence and support of our leaders. God Bless America and Bless them with the wisdom, virtue, and patience to lead us. God Bless our Home, Scripps Ranch.

EB Scripps School Opens

EB Scripps Elementary School opened to an enthusiastic group of parents and children marking another successful community and school district cooperative effort. EB Scripps opened just four months from the real start of construction, a truly remarkable event. This is the first school to be contracted under Proposition MM and the fact that it is a modular school, also makes it unique. Rich Cansdale and his staff, and all the parents are well on their way to making it another signature school for Scripps Ranch. The school district plans to have the canopies up shortly to complete the area and we have been promised four more modular units to complete the quadrangle. Congratulations and thanks to all the district staff, the schools committee, the school staff and the parents who helped make this all possible. It was a community effort in the finest Scripps Ranch tradition.

Fall Clean Up Day

John: La Bar, Committee Chairman of the annual Fall Clean Up Day reminds all that this will be held on Saturday, Oct. 27 from 8 am to 1 pm. Plan to bring your trash and things you don’t need anymore for dumping or donating to the Goodwill. There will be a chipping machine for mulching greenery. Remember: NO Hazardous substances may be accepted. This clean up day is one week after the fall garage sale scheduled for Oct. 20 so that anything you don’t sell does not have to stay in the garage for another year. Thanks in advance to I Love a Clean San Diego for providing the three dumpsters.

New Fire Station

The new fire station is virtually completed and the first walk through for acceptance and correction of last minute items was accomplished. This beautiful building and very functional fire station and will be a real asset to the fire department and community. The LUSARDI Foreman escorted me through the building and it will terrific “home” for our firemen. I would anticipate that some time in early November we will have gala opening and dedication as arranged by the fire department and Mc Millin. It would be very appropriate that we dedicate our new fire station to the gallant members and Firemen Brotherhood of the New York City Fire Department who gave their lives in the September 11th terrorist attack

SRCA Business Meetings Postponed

The Annual Business Meeting of the SRCA was postponed from Sept. 11 to Sep l8th at which reports were received and reviewed from all Chairman and activities for the Board of Directors. Also reviewed and modified as needed was the Annual Budget of the SRCA, which allocates all of the dues, collected from memberships to return to the community in activities and sponsored actions. A complete report will be placed on the SRCA Web site for your information.

As I close this October’s What’s Happening I am filled with the great sense of loss of the lives of so many innocent people and grieve with you for them. Our prayers go out to all in their grief. We can only hope that our country emerge from this tragedy a better place to live, where we all respect and care for each other’s well being. A country more committed to freedom and equality, with a heightened sense of civility to one another, and with the firm conviction that we remain the shining beacon for the rest of the world; this would be a fitting tribute to all those whose lives were lost.

Street Repairs

I hope you noticed when Jerabek School was in recess we slurry coated the parking lot of the Community Park. The City is gradually getting some of the work scheduled done and have revised the schedule for slurry coating and other repairs. I am still receiving locations of buckled sidewalks for the City to repair. If you know of one we need the address of the house in front of which the sidewalk is buckled. That way I can go out and photograph it and place on the map we keep updating for the City. Thanks for your help.

Removal Of Dead Trees

We have begun the rather formidable job of removing dead trees affected by the LERP. This will strain our LMD budget mightily as they are large trees and costly and difficult to remove. We are going back to the City for a decision on what to do about this serious threat to our trees and our limited LMD funds. This is a citywide problem and does affect other areas of San Diego. We are starting to do what we can now so expect to see One Trip Tree Service removing some trees. If you see a tree which you feel requires immediate attention call me or Layton Galloway and we will come out and check it. Please do not cut trees in the open space without prior approval. Thanks.


If you have an interest in assisting our community by volunteering please don’t hesitate to contact any member of the SRCA or other community organizations that are listed in our Newsletter. Scripps Ranch relies heavily on its volunteers to keep it the wonderful place it is to live. Scripps Ranch and the SRCA always needs help to continue to make Scripps ranch the best family community in San Diego.

Scripps Ranch Trails Map

These wonderful maps of the Trails and Parks of Scripps ranch are available to members of the SRCA. If you have not received your copy. and are a member, contact District Director as shown in the Newsletter or go to the Information Center and contact the SRCA volunteer working there.

Enrollment Projects Prove Good At All Schools

The first week of school showed that the enrollment figures for our many schools was quite accurate and that things went smoothly. We want to thank Roy Mc Phail for his wonderful Crystal Ball gazing and computer work, as this has been an area sorely in need of accurate predications. No problems were experienced and all agencies now have the predicted as well as enrolled statistics for each school. I visited each school and checked the traffic and I want to thank all parents for cooperating with the school traffic plans. Please continue to cooperate, as around all our schools patience is needed to handle the flow of cars.

Recognition Night Dec. 11, 2001

We will hold our Annual Recognition Night on Tuesday, Dec. 11 where we take time to say “thank you” to many of our community volunteers and announce the Scripps Ranch Citizen of the Year. This is a gala event, which Dorothy Mildice has superbly organized for years so please make your recommendations for those folks who should be recognized for all they have done for Scripps Ranch.