A Day of Remembrances

Residents, families, and children gathered at our Fire Station 37 on September 11 for a short memorial service. We remembered the individuals who lost their lives that day, particularly the firefighters. We presented a special old-fashioned cotton flag as our "September 11 flag" to be flown only on that date each year. The flag flew over the U. S. Capitol. It will be placed in the memorial case in front of the fire station in an honored space.

The flag was raised to full-staff then placed at half-mast in memory of the individuals who lost their lives. Micaiah and Hosannah Slocum helped carry the American and California flags that were taken down. The wind caught the flag and it flew in all its glory. I read the following for Scripps Ranch:

My Flag

I am the flag of the United States of America,

My name is Old Glory.

I stand for peace, honor, truth, and justice,

I stand for freedom. I am confident, I am proud.

I have fought in every battle of every war for 200 years,

I flew on September 11.

I have borne witness to America’s finest hours,

But America’s finest hours are yet to come.

When I am flown at half-mast, I honor the departed.

May I fly proudly for another 200 years.

America was united as never before on this first anniversary of the horrific attacks. The world was watching to see if American’s pride in our country has been diminished. Let us continue to show why we are called the United States of America.

It was my privilege to represent Scripps Ranch at a very moving ceremony at MCAS Miramar. Then, we had our remembrance at Fire Station 37. That was followed by the city ceremony at the Organ Pavilion. They were all special patriotic events and there was scarcely a dry eye in the crowd, including mine, as we heard the accounts from survivors. Not arrogant, not boastful, just pride in America undiminished. God bless America and all of you!

Scripps Ranch Schools

It was very fitting that our first day of the new school year was just one week before September 11. Nothing shows a nation’s character as how it treats its children and their future. I visited all of our schools on the first day of school. Thank you all for your attention to safety and courtesy to others–it showed. With more than 80% of our children driven to school each day, we must be safety conscious and alert at all times.

I am sure you have all read the wonderful news of achievements in all aspects of the San Diego School District. Many schools, including our own, earned substantial financial benefits for their progress. Our congratulations to their entire faculty, staff, parents, and students who made this possible. Keep up the good work.

Scripps Ranch schools excelled again in achievement, progress, and improved scores. Be sure to thank and congratulate the principals, staff, and faculty for all their fine work. Remember that it is the cooperative effort of all, including you wonderful parents, who create the atmosphere for quality education.

Proposition MM projects are moving forward on schedule. At Miramar Ranch Elementary School the bungalow rehab is complete, and a new sprinkler system was installed. Marshall Middle School’s multi-purpose building is almost complete. E. B. Scripps Elementary School (EBS) received four new modular buildings for the 5th grade. Dingeman Elementary School continued its fine 6th grade program. Scripps Ranch High School received 10 new classrooms and four science labs.

We have asked for a review of the latest demographic information from the school district so we can anticipate meeting the needs for the future as we await the construction of the new middle school. The advisory group for the new middle school has been formed. It includes our representatives and is meeting on a district level.

This effort will be followed by the Design Task Force that will actually plan the new middle school. The concept of three small schools within a large school is being followed as we suggested. The projected completion date remains 2006. It will be built on the site being acquired from Alliant International University on Pomerado Road.

Special recognition goes to Superintendent Alan Bersin for his support and to Lou Smith for his management experience and skill. It is resulting in significant progress of all aspects of Proposition MM implementation.

To give you a feel for the student population in Scripps Ranch, here are the initial enrollment figures:

  • Miramar Ranch Elementary School–742;
  • Jerabek Elementary School–995;
  • Dingeman Elementary School–859;
  • EBS Elementary School–441;
  • Marshall Middle School–1,099 (maximum); and,
  • SRHS–2,089.

EBS and AIU Form Partnership

Alliant International University (AIU) and E. B. Scripps Elementary School recently joined in a special partnership for educational excellence. Mary Butler-Pascoe, director of International Teacher Education at AIU, presented a $5,000 check to EBS Principal Rich Cansdale.

This special partnership will benefit AIU in its teaching commitments and will foster academic success in EBS through exchange of ideas and collaborative teaching. We congratulate both EBS and AIU on this new relationship.

Bob Dingeman

Evans Pond is Full

Hurrah! The County Water Authority has completed the fill of Evans Pond with untreated water. Already we are seeing the plants that seemed to have died coming back, as well as the ducks. I hope you saw the articles in the last SRCA Newsletter recognizing all who helped make this possible. We hopefully have enough water to last until we get some rain. The children and the ducks are having a ball and it is a delight to see.

Recognition Night

One of the wonderful traditions of Scripps Ranch is volunteering as a resident for quality of life functions. Starting in l977, we have held an Annual Recognition Night to honor those volunteers who make significant contributions to our community. We also select one or two individuals for the coveted honor of being named Scripps Ranch Citizen of the Year. They receive special city council recognition–a day in San Diego is labeled their day.

Our wonderful Recognition Night chair, Dorothy Mildice, is already hard at work planning the event. If you or your organization have an individual or individuals to recognize, see the nomination form on page __ of this Newsletter. It is our way of saying thank you for all of your fine work for the finest family community in San Diego-Scripps Ranch.

Speed Counters in Use

You will notice on your streets our speed monitoring units, reminding you of the speed you are traveling. This is one of the methods we hope will reduce speeding on our streets. If you have a street where people constantly exceed the speed limit, call the police storefront at 538-8120 and ask them to include your recommendation for coverage. Reducing speed benefits us all.

Garage Sale and Clean-Up

The annual Fall Garage Sale will again be sponsored by Prudential. It is on Saturday, Oct. 12. You can call 653-6400 and register your home for the garage sale.

If you are unable to sell the items and want to donate them, we plan to have a collection truck for these items in the Business Park on our Clean-Up Day, Saturday, Oct. 19. We will have collection bins for metal and discards–no paint or concrete please–as well as a chipper for garden clippings. Now is the time to cut back your bushes and trees along the street.

The dumpsters will be in the Business Park behind the Hitachi buildings from 8 am until 12 pm. So, get there early. We must close down at 12 pm.

The rules for these collection days have been changed and the following items cannot be accepted: hazardous waste–paint and oil; batteries; electronics–TV, computers, or printers; refrigerators; air conditioners; tires; construction debris; and, waste from businesses. If you have hazardous waste, call 694-7000. For information on electronic items, call 800-253-2687.

We are especially interested in youth groups and organizations taking on a special section as "their own" for clean up. We have ribbons for participation. This is your chance to earn your community service credit and make our community shine. We are already known as the cleanest and best run community in San Diego This is your chance to enhance that by your a action and that of your group. Call me at 566-6083 for an assigned area. The Kiwanis Club will provide their usual valuable and essential assistance to make it all possible.

SRCA Annual Business Meeting

The SRCA Annual Business Meeting was held in September. All standing committees and activities chairs rendered reports of the past year and plans for the coming year. We will compile these into two notebooks for your information and place them in the library.

It is a remarkable listing of actions and achievements from our host of volunteers. It is the work of residents who make it all possible. There are many opportunities for you to select to help.

In fact, if you have a particular interest for any activity and are a member of the SRCA, the president can and will happily appoint you chair and you can do your thing with pleasure and satisfaction. Call me at 566-683 after you have read the reports if you want to volunteer for an activity or be a part of it. All are welcome as this is what makes Scripps Ranch special–those willing to work together for a common goal.