Community is Successful

On Tuesday, October l7, BCL and Avalon Bay formally withdrew their applications for a rezone of the Scripps Ranch business park. We had been alerted that they were considering this action, but Wes Danskin, myself, and Bob Ilko showed up just to ensure that it came through as they indicated. We have been burned before.

The rezone application was formally withdrawn and although they could reinitiate it, that would require starting the whole process over again with the repayment of fees, etc. At this time, the EIR for the new middle school is out for comment on the purchase by the school district of lots 6, 7, and 8 now owned by Avalon Bay. We will submit our comments on same and the action will proceed.

It is most important for all residents to again realize how important it is for us as a community to do our homework, come up with a doable plan, and then carry it through. We as a community win more than we lose, but it requires effort of many. You have to stay the course, attend the meetings, make comments, and remain alert. We want to thank all of the members of SOS Ranch who went door to door in the City Council chambers to educate the council offices about the issues. We also appreciate the leadership of newly appointed Councilmember Phil Blair and his key staff member Tom Daglish.

In the general comment time on October 17, Wes and I took the opportunity to thank the City Council for their on-going support of our community, in particular the 6-to-6 City-school program and the opening of the Scripps Ranch Information Center. We were able to make our community voice heard loud and clear in a constructive way.

I am proud of all of you, and I hope we can count on all hands again when needed. It was interesting that the newspaper report of same was only two columns on an interior page with no byline; so all the work of the land-use lawyers against us did not work. Stay vigilant as they always try again.

Meeting Councilman Phil Blair

We initiated the conference room of the Scripps Ranch Information Center with an three-hour session with Councilmember Phil Blair on Saturday, Oct. l4. The chairs of the community civic organizations (SRCA, SRPG, MRNPC, Rec Council, and LMD) were able to review 5 or 6 on-going community issues requiring his support and action. Happy to say it went well. We even had coffee and donuts; what a treat!

I am sure Phil felt like he had been force fed with a fire hose, but then we had him as a captive audience and needed to bring him up to date quickly.

Clay Bingham and Bob Cavanagh, who have worked so hard to get the Center ready, were able to keep it open for our use and it worked fine. Clay even came in during his vacation to open the building for our use. Our thanks to both of them for all their fine work. It is truly a wonderful addition to the Ranch.

Status of Lerp Infestation

We are continuing to release the small wasps and hope nature does its thing. We still do not think the affected trees need to or should be cut down. Some trees, however, can pose a safety problem to your property. You have to make a decision as to what to do. They are not dead as a rule. If the tree is in open space, call Layton Galloway or myself so we can check it out and take action for you. We do not want any trees damaging you or your property.

Clean Up Day

I hope you all noticed the new banners we prepared and displayed for the Clean Up Day on October 2l. We arranged for Goodwill to come and pick up any discards left over from the community-wide garage sale the previous weekend. We also had the City crews to mulch greenery.

John La Bar arranged for more appreciation ribbons and we hope to get more youth and adult organizations involved in the community clean up as we had in the past. John and the Kiwanis handled the clean up and will continue next spring on Saturday, April 7, 2001, as well. Thanks for all for your help in making our home look so nice. It shows our pride.

Evans Pond

For those concerned about the appearance of Evans Pond, we are sorely lacking in rain to replenish the water and have asked Sarah Sandvik to flush out the aqueduct again and let us have the untreated water. Occasionally, the plant must flush out or back flow the aqueduct of untreated water, and we have been able to get that water dumped into Evans Pond. It is getting so low that it has at times been noticeably odorous. As it is a jewel in our midst, we will keep after this.

Candidates Forum a Great Success

Despite a rainy evening, a large, standing-room-only crowd filled our the library community room on October l0 for the SRCA Candidates Forum. Our collective thanks to you all. Now by all means, vote!

Tony Krvaric, our resident non-citizen from Sweden, aided by several SRCA District Representatives, coordinated a fine and fair forum. Our experienced and skilled moderator, past SRCA Vice President Rick Parke kept all in line and moving so all candidates had a chance to speak.

I can only repeat what the candidates said and that was how much they appreciated the large and attentive turn out, the questions asked, and the friendly reception. In other words, a good show in the Scripps Ranch tradition of doing it right.