Patriotism, Volunteering, and You

All of us are concerned about any impending military action against Iraq and, of course, concerned about our internal security. Last year’s September 11 tragedy sparked a rebirth of patriotism and a desire to work constructively together on many projects.

Here in Scripps Ranch, this has normally translated into greater community participation in our activities and more concern for others. That is the beauty of our fine community. The time for you to step forward and volunteer is here. So, pick your area and have fun making it work. See page 73 of the Newsletter for some opportunities. As I stated last month, America’s finest hours are still to come. Be a part of that vision and do your part.

Veterans Day, November 11

Please plan to attend a Veterans Day celebration. The annual Veterans Day celebration at Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS), with the combined choruses from all the schools and the stirring remarks from the students, makes you proud to be an American. Of course, thanking veterans for their service to our country and helping to preserve our liberties is always wonderful for the veterans and good for the young people.

Remember George Washington’s words that the way citizens treat and respect the veterans of past wars will determine their willing participation in any future wars. The SRHS celebration is on Tuesday, Nov. 5, at 6:30 pm. Plan to come and be inspired and rewarded.

Candidates Forum Held

We had 18 candidates for elected office at our Candidates Forum in October. Although we had a very fine crowd, we should have had standing room only, as you got a chance to see and hear the candidates for office and make your vote count. Plan to attend future events like this, as it is democracy in action.

The most important thing to do is to examine the qualifications of all candidates and select the one you feel best serves the constituency. In California we have many propositions and ballot measures, but we also have printed material sent out at great expense.

Please read the details, balance some of the TV rhetoric, and get the facts. It is concerned and informed Americans who make our system work with their votes. It is your privilege, and your duty, to vote! Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 5.

We published articles for all candidates who sent them into the SRCA Newsletter. The SRCA neither endorses nor recommends any candidate for elected office. Their words, which are theirs and theirs alone, are provided to all of you as a service.

We want to thank Mike Gallivan, SRCA’s District 1 Representative, for all his fine work in arranging the Candidates Forum and running it so smoothly and objectively. From all the comments I received, it was again the "best run" for any community event.

Candidates Forum Assistance

We want to thank Clint Carney from our council office for helping secure the use of the automatic timer to time remarks during the Candidates Forum. This makes the meeting go smoothly and ensures fairness, in that all speakers are given the same time for remarks.

Rainy Season Preparation

I hope we get some rain this year, as it is really needed. We will begin cleaning out the brow ditches of accumulated rocks and debris. If there is one behind your house and we miss it for some reasons, call me at 566-6083.

We are still inspecting and removing, as needed, trees that have died in the open space or ones that pose a threat to your home. Again, call me to arrange an inspection.

Tree Planting Ceremony

Mayor Dick Murphy has enlisted the assistance of People For Trees to plant trees throughout our city. It might seem like carrying "coals to Newcastle" to plant trees in Scripps Ranch, but we will do just that on Scripps Ranch Boulevard. Plan to be there.

  • Date: Saturday, Nov. 16;
  • Place: Scripps Ranch Boulevard, the north side between Aviary Drive and Appaloosa, past the former Video Vault store; and,
  • Time: 8:30 am.

After the tree planting, we will have refreshments catered by the new owners of the Scripps Trail Center. All children will receive a T-shirt. We are planting seven flowering eucalyptus trees–not subject to the LERP–and four Jacaranda trees on Scripps Ranch Boulevard, courtesy of the city.

Beware of a Scam

If you receive a call from an individual saying he or she is from the telephone company and asking you to press 9, then zero, then the pound sign (#), ignore the person. This is a scam to get unlimited access to your phone account, and it will be a disaster.

San Diego Police Reminders

Just a few reminders from the San Diego Police Department as we approach the holiday season:

  • Check the locks on your homes and garages and be sure they work. Lock up when you leave and foil the casual thief. Keep your garages closed and locked.
  • When shopping, place your purchases in the trunk.
  • Do not leave your keys in the car, and remember to lock up when you go shopping. Also, do not place your purse under the front seat–that is the first place thieves look.
  • If you have a security device, use it.

Here are some interesting statistics: 62% of vehicles burglarized had visible property showing; 38% had security devices, but 25% were not used; 13% had money visible or under the seat; and, 2% had car keys left in the car.

Call 619-531-2000 to report any incidents. If you see a crime in progress, note the vehicle’s license number if you can, the make, model, and any other distinguishing marks and call 911. We can all help the police.

Recognition Night

Plan to attend this gala event at which the wonderful volunteers and contributors to our community life are honored. It is Tuesday, Dec. 10, at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library. If you have not already submitted your nominees, there is still time to do that. Chair Dorothy Mildice will accept nominations until Thursday, Nov. 7. It’s easy to do. Visit our website at [], and send in the form electronically.

School Board Trustee Sue Braun Honored

A reception honoring trustee Sue Braun for her eight years of service to the San Diego Unified School District and Scripps Ranch was held in the Scripps Ranch High School media room in October. During her service she has adhered to the principle that the children come first in providing the best education for all students. She was presented a special desk pen set engraved with appreciation from Scripps Ranch.

I also presented her with a "Persuader," a gold painted "hammer" to hammer out decisions faster. We wish Sue and her husband all our best. They go with our sincere thanks and appreciation for devoted service to Scripps Ranch.

It was pointed out that Scripps Ranch has the number two high school, the number one middle school, and the number one and two elementary schools in terms of achievement in the district. A truly enviable record for a community.

It attests to the fabulous faculty and principals, devoted and participating parents, and concerned and working students. All work together for success, and we like it that way. Join your children’s school faculty and family organization. It pays off in true progress for your child.

Holiday Celebration

Mark your calendars to attend this terrific family activity held each year at Jerabek Park. This is the 20th year! We light the community Christmas tree, sing carols, enjoy Santa, and bring unwrapped toys for the United States Marine Corps Toys For Tots Program. We collect more toys for the Marines than any other site.

The Girl Scouts will chair this activity under Heidi Brown again, and serve delicious hot chocolate and cookies. Plan to come with your blanket and jacket, as it tends to get a bit cold. We hope to have the Marshall Middle School student band provide music again this year. Santa will be there to collect the toys. The Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts also will receive the traditional patches that we prepare each year–different from past years. Join us!

  • Date: Sunday, Dec. 15;
  • Place: Jerabek Park community Christmas tree site; and,
  • Time: 4:30 pm.

Water Authority Construction Proceeding

The second phase of construction at our Water Plant was discussed at length at the last advisory meeting. We will make available in the library the plans for this construction that will create a new parking lot. It will also make the entrance to Miramar Lake safer, with a widened entrance and a turn lane.

All this will be done while keeping the lake open for as much recreational use as possible. As a general rule, work will commence at 7 am and stop before 4 pm. Dust and noise control measures are included in all of the planning, as well as proper control of entrance and egress. The fence around the reservoir is virtually complete and it is augmented with sensor devices to detect illegal entry.

Road Construction

The construction of the Black Mountain Aqueduct is still creating traffic problems on Scripps Ranch Boulevard and Mira Mesa Boulevard. Please be alert and patient as they try to complete this section as quickly as possible. We have had some complaints about this effort and have redone some of the traffic control and directions to hopefully help the situation.

Speed Counters in Use

You will notice our speed monitoring units on your streets reminding you of the speed you are traveling. This is one of the methods we hope will reduce speeding on our streets. If you have a street where people constantly exceed the speed limit, call the police storefront at 538-8120 and ask them to include your recommendation for coverage.

Bees in Our Home

We noticed bees flying around our chimney and eaves and called the "bee man." We discovered that over a period of about two months, the bees had entered a hole the size of a pin and created 11 hives in the eaves.

We had to cut a hole in the ceiling of the living room to remove the honeycombs and get rid of the bees. The lesson learned is that bees work very hard and can create a massive collection of honey in your attic or crawl space in a short period of time, and it must be removed.

We tried to get beekeepers to come collect the bees, but it seems many bees have mites and other problems. Beekeepers were not interested in saving the bees. We blocked off the hole and many bees just flew away to start another hive.

Evans Pond, A Delight

If you have not noticed the almost miraculous return of our beautiful pond, please go by. The many children stopping to feed the ducks when they visit the library are a delight to see, and make all the work to fill the pond with water well worth it.

The vista was improved as well when the Water Authority removed the chain link fence in front of the beautiful new wall, which is meant to mirror, or at least follow, the colors and construction of the Meanley Wall on the other side.

Christmas Tree Recycling

Looking ahead, we will have two sites for recycling your Christmas trees this year–the traditional site at Hoyt Park and the site that worked well last year, the parking lot of the Community Park on Blue Cypress Drive. We will operate these sites from Thursday, Dec. 26, until Friday, Jan. 17. The Hoyt Park site is coordinated and approved by the SRCA.

Remember to remove stands and ornaments so the trees can be mulched for the landfill replanting program. No trash or garbage please. This has been a fabulously successful program in Scripps Ranch since we initiated the city program in l977. It now works well throughout the city. Thanks for helping keep our streets clean, for creating the needed mulch, and, of course, for removing a potential fire hazard from your homes.

Graffiti Removal

Please call me at 566-6083 if you see fresh graffiti so we can get rid of it quickly. I am starting again to try to get the city to do something about the "official" graffiti that is sprayed on our streets and sidewalks to prevent hitting buried utility lines.

This is a blight on streets and sidewalks as they leave it in place and it can remain there for years. It is long overdue to be removed, after the work is done.