Dedication of Fire Station No. 37

November 3, 2001 was a momentous day for Scripps Ranch as we finally dedicated our very own permanent Fire Station! Mayor Dick Murphy, Councilman Brian Maienschein and Fire Chief Osby formally dedicated the New Fire Station, located on Spring Canyon Road, and turned it over to Engine Company #37. Kim Elliott of McMillin Companies served as Master of Ceremonies for a dedication of the beautiful new state of the art station. The highlight of the event was the unveiling of the plaque dedicating the station to the gallant firemen of New York City who lost their lives on September 11th.

We are all proud that we as a community were able to participate in the planning, and wish to thank McMillin Company and their partners for bringing it online a year ahead of its initial plan. The community committee consisted of Chairman Steve Goyette, Wes Danskin, Bob Ilko, Pat Bonaguidi, Claudia Unhold, and Bob Dingeman. The committee worked with Architect Jeff Katz. It certainly deserves an Orchid for design.

We asked for a temporary fire station back in l980 to provide fire coverage for our rapidly growing community and it was located on Scripps Lake Drive. Now 20 years later we finally have a permanent station. Mayor Murphy, then serving as a Councilman, helped our then Councilman Ed Struiksma to secure manning of the station of four firemen as the two assigned could not do the job. It is now a real showplace for the City and its Fire Department and a great addition to Scripps Ranch.

We extend our special thanks to McMillin, and to Ed Elliott and Laura Wilson for all their assistance and help and of course to Lusardi Construction for completing the job in such a fine fashion.Over 900 tiles, prepared by the children and other residents, will be proudly displayed on the walls for the Open House on Dec. 1.

The Boy Scouts of Troops 616 and 663 raised the same flags which first flew over the temporary station to full staff. A replacement flag flown over the US Capital is being provided by Troop 616 as well as a new California State Flag. Wes Danskin, Past President of the SRCA, presented to Captain Franklin three laminated Ranch maps for use of the crews. He announced that the $2,000 donated by the SRCA for the Education Center at the station will be joined by $4,000 secured by Councilman Brian Maienschein to create our long awaited Fire Department Education Center. Captain Franklin then presented to Mayor Murphy a Fire Department T-Shirt suitably marked Scripps Ranch.

The new station stands proudly as the best ever for San Diego and a credit to Scripps Ranch. Of course our firemen are the envy of all the other Firemen with such a splendid facility – going from the worst to the best. WOW!!!

Veterans Day 2001

The celebration of Veteran’s Day this year was made even more poignant by the terrible terrorist attack on Sept 11th and the knowledge that members of our Armed Forces are in action against an elusive and aggressive foe bent on our destruction. However, thanks to our military and our citizens we will prevail. The rebirth of patriotism in America is a most welcome change to our national ethos.

This was an especially momentous Veterans Day in San Diego as many wonderful things happened. First of all the Second Grade students of Dingeman School made special safety pin American Flags and sold them raising the amazing amount of $1,518! What a feat for seven year olds. They donated the money to the 9-11 Fund and the Firemen from Engine Company #37 accepted on behalf of the Firemen and their families in New York City. Our congratulations to the teacher, parents, children and staff of Dingeman School for this singular effort.

The Annual Veterans Day of Remembrance was held Nov. 6 at Scripps Ranch High School. Seven school groups all joined in singing patriotic songs, which was particularly moving this year. The event was held in a packed gym at Scripps Ranch High School with students of all ages reading their thoughts as to what America and Veterans Day stood for. We especially thank Nancy Shirley for her efforts in organizing such a wonderful event and to the students who made it so special. I was particularly pleased to be a part of this event which has already become a tradition on the Ranch.

Miramar College held its Evening with the Experts honoring veterans on Nov. 9 and Norris Charles, Miramar College Veteran of the Year, and former POW, spoke along with a Veteran of the Bataan Death March in the Philippines. I was honored to be a guest speaker for the veterans and all that they had contributed to America and its way of life. Returning from service to their country they attended college, established families and businesses, and helped to make America what it is today. There are 18 million veterans of war amongst the 25 million veterans in America. They have all answered the call for service to our great nation and as citizen soldiers have served our country well. The Brotherhood of Arms forged on the fields of battle remains an ironclad link, which binds all veterans together. Hard to explain to a non-veteran but it is a state of mind and body, which can transcend pain and death to reach a common goal.

I count my finest accolade to be called “A Veteran of the United States” and to be able to represent all veterans in ceremonies. I want to thank Councilman Brian Maienschein for nominating me as District Five Veteran of the Year. It is an honor and a real pleasure. I was also able to ride in a convertible provided by friends from Santee in the Nov. 10 Parade on the Embarcadaro. After riding in the parade in the front I came back and stood and watched the rest of the parade to see my old comrades in arms come by. Knowing four Congressional Medal of Honor recipients in the parade made it even more special for this old soldier. Coincidentally the family I just happened to stand beside said, “We know you as we are from Scripps Ranch and appreciate all you have done for our country and Scripps Ranch”. What a wonderful day! I gave them my flags. Normally Veterans Day is a downer for me as I remember things I keep buried deep in my mind. This was very different and thanks to all of you who spoke to me. It touched me greatly and on behalf of all veterans. Thanks!

In a very moving dinner on Nov. 2 at the US Grant Hotel it was inspiring listening to the fantastic accomplishments of veterans working to make San Diego a Better City. The Selection of Frank Burger, former Prisoner of War and community leader as Veteran of the Year, was the highlight of the evening. Fred Orton, Scripps Ranch resident was the Navy League Veteran of the Year for all his work with U.S Navy families.

I am reminded of the inscription left on a rock at the temporary US Marine cemetery on the Island of Iwo Jima where the thousands of Marines were buried before their bodies were brought back to the United States for burial.

“When You Go Home

Tell Them For Us And Say

For Your Tomorrow

We Gave Our Today “

That says it all for the citizen soldiers of America’s Wars.

Recycling Containers

Thank you for calling to say that you had not received the blue recycling containers as promised. We are in contact with the City Environmental Services and hope to get them delivered. Remember the individual container has a serial number and it is assigned specifically to the home and should remain with that home.If someone makes off with your container then call and report it for replacement. The Phone Number of the Environmental Services is 694-7000.

Speed Controls In Progress By SDPD

Please be advised that Traffic Police will be on our streets checking speeding with Radar. There are several roads on which speeding has become a problem and include Scripps Ranch Blvd. and Spring Canyon Road. Speeding is also a problem in the vicinity of schools.

Use Of Pellet Guns And Bows And Arrows On The Ranch

We had an unfortunate incident in which a brother discharged a pellet gun in the direction of his brother resulting in him being permanently blinded. Proper safety in handling all types of weapons and adult supervision is essential for safety. Incidentally it is against City Ordinances to fire pellet guns in Open Space areas and to also shoot arrows at targets in public areas. These activities do not belong in our public areas and should be confined to those areas that are setup for that purpose and are properly supervised.