What A Great Country

On November 5 we were all privileged to exercise our right to vote for the candidates of our choice. I hope you all voted. Despite the results, in which our personal choice did not always prevail, the most important thing is that Americans voted freely and independently in our democratic society.

We did not see riots or threats of violence, just lots of rhetoric, admittedly sometimes not very nice. Now is the time to say "God bless America and our system" and get on with the task before us.

Here in Scripps Ranch, we will embark on the design of our new middle school, and other projects are on the horizon. All of these require–yes, demand–our intelligent and full participation, so plan to do your part.

It is especially important that we continue, as a community, to invest the time and informed effort to maintain our fine schools and support the principals, faculty, and parents as they strive for the best for our children.